Multi-Seeded Crackers

Multi-Seeded Crackers

Last week I shared a recipe for Hot Lemon Water and the health benefits of incorporating it into your daily regimen.  I learned about Hot Lemon Water after over indulging in these super healthy and flavorful Multi-Seeded Crackers. 

Hot Lemon Water

Lemon Water – why drink it daily?

Have you ever experienced your gut feeling so out of whack you could barely function? That was me a few weeks ago until I started drinking hot lemon water. UGH!!! 

Salt-Cured Eggs on Seeded Crackers

Graved Eggs

Just when you thought you knew all the ways to cook eggs here comes another unique variation: salt-cured yolks!

Cozy Lentil Soup is packed with healthy vegetables, herbs and warming spices

Snuggle up with this Cozy Lentil Soup

Salmon with a Red Wine Sauce

Video: Salmon in a Red Wine Sauce

A few weeks ago I shared the recipe for Salmon with a Red Wine Sauce.  Not only is this dish elegant but the flavor is outstanding and the salmon literally melts in your mouth. I had also mentioned the recipe would be ideal for Valentine’s Day, a special event,...

Decadent Chocolate Valentine Truffles with sprinkles

Decadent Chocolate Valentine Day Truffles

Valentine’s Day was created as a day to celebrate and express our affection to those we love, care about, and those we feel grateful to have in our lives. Many individuals show their gratitude by giving flowers, and cards.  However, have you ever considered gifting a sweet homemade treat...

Salmon with a Red Wine Sauce

Salmon with a Red Wine Sauce for Valentine’s Day

I know we just finished the holidays & New Years but Valentine’s Day is just over a month away.  If you’re going to be cooking for a significant other then you might want to test out a few recipes first. This Salmon with a Red Wine Sauce has the most...

Caramelt Crunch Popcorn - popcorn drenched in a caramel coating drizzled with dark chocolate and crumbled toffee bits

Caramelt Crunch Popcorn

Game day, Super Bowl and the Grammy Awards will all be on television soon. Some of you may be lucky enough to attend one of these events live. In any case the majority of us will be watching them in the comfort of our homes.  Whether we have family...