Asian Barbecue Spare Ribs with a sauce of sesame oil, honey, soy, garlic, ginger, and chili paste

Asian Barbecue Spare Ribs

I’ve always been a fan of BBQ ribs.  Most often we prepare beef ribs, but when eating out typically they sell baby back pork ribs.  However, there’s a restaurant in town that makes these super flavorful Asian Barbecue Spare Ribs that are so good, I’ve been dying to recreate...

Fusilli pasta with Roasted Vegetables and Yellow Tomato Sauce

Fusilli Pasta with Roasted Vegetables

I use to eat pasta like nobody’s business, but  as I got older I didn’t enjoy the way I felt after eating it. So over the years I’ve limited how often I indulge to 2-3 times a year, tops! Of course now that I’ve created this Fusilli Pasta with...

Halibut with Fresh Fruit Salsa

Grilled Halibut with Fresh Fruit Salsa and Farro Salad

I started this post for Grilled Halibut with Fresh Fruit Salsa just after my mom passed away, June 2nd, but at the time I just didn’t have it in me to finish.  Sometimes life just gets in the way and there’s not much you can do about it.

Chicken Milanese is a thinly coated chicken breast sauteed then topped with an arugula and tomato salad

Chicken Milanese

I’m always looking to create new and healthy recipes that also won’t take my clients and followers hours to prepare.  When I came across this recipe from Katie at Katie’s Pizza & Pasta restaurant in St Louis, I couldn’t resist. This isn’t my recipe, but when I saw Katie...

Grilled Peaches with mozzarella balls, tomatoes , basil, and balsamic reduction

Grilled Peach Caprese Salad

It’s been quite sometime since my last post.  I’ve needed time to regroup and get my wits about me.

Salmon Buddha Bowl with Poblano Ranch Dressing

Salmon Buddha Bowl with Poblano Ranch dressing- kind of!

What actually is a Buddha bowl? We see this all the time but what makes it not Buddhu? A Buddha bowl is a vegetarian meal, served on a single bowl or high-rimmed plate, which consists of small portions of several foods, served cold. These may include whole grains such...

Memorial Day Flags

Favorite Memorial Day Foods

Memorial Day is just a few days away.  Swimming pools are opening, barbecue grills are all clean and ready to fire up, many kids are already done with school, and the heat and humidity are blaring, with the chance of storms for the day. But who cares about the...

Melon & Proscuitto Salad with cucumber, tomatoes, mozzarella, and arugula

Melon & Prosciutto Salad

Sometimes the simplest foods make the best meals. Wholesome and satisfying.  Why we feel we need to look for something over the top creative to give us a thrill is beyond me.  Yet I’m guilty of it as well, which would explain the 100s of cookbooks I have lining...