Skillet Fudge Brownie with Hot Fudge

Do you find when you eat out that the icing on the cake so to speak, is finishing off a meal with dessert? A favorite of ours to get and share is a Skillet Fudge Brownie

Beet & Quinoa Burger

Do you eat burgers often?  I have to say I rarely ever eat a beef burger anymore, and if I do it’s typically a Kobe Beef Burger.  Aside from that I prefer making my Mountainous Grilled Chicken Burgers, Grilled Salmon Burgers, or Portobella Mushroom Burger. However yesterday I made these healthy and satisfying...

Karuna – the NEW beverage in town & GIVEAWAY

Karuna – the NEW beverage in town & GIVEAWAY

There’s a new beverage in town that I can’t wait to tell you about.  The name is Karuna!  Karuna means compassion in Buddhism, precisely what the creators of this new healthy plant based beverage want to nourish our bodies with. Karuna is “the root of good health.” It brings together all-natural...

Mile High Banana Cake with a Cascading Chocolate Ganache

Do you have those moments where you simply have to create something spectacular and over the top delicious?  This past weekend I couldn’t stop thinking how much I wanted to make a very special cake. Not for anyone special other than myself.  I just wanted the satisfaction of producing...

Video: How To Secure Your Cutting Board

My goal moving forward is to post a video once a week that teaches you a recipe or quick tip for the kitchen.  In the event you miss one of these posts I hope you’ll be sure to subscribe to my blog just to the right of this post, and/or...

Quinoa SuperBowl or Stack with Spinach Pesto

With our weather here in the Midwest going from winter to summer and back to winter again in just a matter of days I have felt rather sluggish.  When I feel that way I know I need to get a super boost of energy, and the best way is...

No Bake Raspberry Chocolate Tart

Looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day dessert to share with your honey?  Try this luscious No-Bake Raspberry Chocolate Tart.  

Oreo Truffle Hearts

I love sweets just like the next person, but since we just came off the holidays we may not feel like indulging too much!  Yet it’s nice to make something special for your Valentine, and I’ve got just the treat.