Learn to Make Light & Airy Popovers – Video!

Thanksgiving is just 3 days away.  While most of us already have our menu in place there are still a few of us who would like to try something new. When it comes to Thanksgiving it’s hard to get away from traditions.  While I don’t like to make it...

Favorite Thanksgiving Treats

Is your family like mine?  Trying to narrow down our favorite Thanksgiving desserts can be brutal. Whether there are 20 at the table or 6 we still have an army of sugary treats to please everyone. 

Homemade Fig Jam

When I was a little girl one of my favorite cookies was a Fig Newton.  Even if I had a choice between a chocolate cookie and a Fig Newton, I’d always take the Fig Newton.  I’m a huge fan of chocolate so that actually surprises me. 

Laugh & Learn – Food Photography Workshop

Since 2009 I’ve had my food blog “At Home with Vicki Bensinger.”  From the start it was pretty much learn as I go.  I read online tutorials, and watched videos on how to set up my site, post articles, SEO, book after book on blogging, layouts, and food photography...

National Caramel Apple Day Recipes to Savor !

Happy Halloween everyone!  How fitting that today would also be National Caramel Apple Day.  I had planned to post something else today, but since I had a couple of Caramel Apple recipes from past posts I thought it would be the perfect time to re-share those again. 

Halloween Fun with Rice Krispy Treats

(Mummy Rice Krispy Treats) Who says you can’t have fun with Halloween even when your kids have left the nest?  I’m living proof that over the past few days I’ve been playing in the kitchen creating fun little treats to give to the witches and vampires that will be stopping...

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Cauldron

Halloween is just 6 days away and if you’re looking for a unique treat to make for this festive occasion then check out this fun Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Cauldron.  Filled with candy corn or whatever suits you, it will make a decorative piece for all your friends to snatch a treat! 

Homemade Hot Apple Cider Straight From the Stove

You might be wondering why you’d bother to make your own Homemade Hot Apple Cider when it’s so easy to buy it by the half gallon or gallon. Well just like anything you prepare at home, fresh always tastes best & you know exactly what’s in it. Making your...