Chia Pudding topped with Raspberry Mousse and garnished with fresh raspberries with a sprig of basil

Raspberry Mousse & Chia Parfait

Have you ever been to Anthropologie?  I love that store.  Although they have wonderful clothes, I go there to browse their unique cookbooks, and dishes.  I purchase them for my blog posts or fun table settings.  While browsing their cookbooks last week I spotted a recipe for Raspberry Mousse & Chia...

Baked Avocado Toad in the Hole

You’ve heard of Toad in the Hole,haven’t you? Well today I’m going to share with you how to create a healthier version that I call, “Baked Avocado Toad in the Hole.” 

Strawberry Mango Bomb Pops with Coconut Milk

Bomb Pops were a favorite treat of mine growing up.  In an effort to recreate a healthier version, I created these tasty Strawberry Mango Bomb Pops with Coconut Milk. You’re going to love these! 

Summer Harvest Infused Water

Have you ever tried Infused Water?  My preferred beverage of choice is pure water and I drink glasses of it daily.  Don’t give it to me lukewarm or I’ll never touch it. Fill it to the brim with ice and I can’t get enough of it. 

Mum Cupcake Bouquet – Video for Mother’s Day

Several years ago I created this Mum Cupcake Bouquet.  I first posted the recipe in 2014, and then in 2015 I created a video where I’m talking and demonstrating how to make them. Now that 1 minute videos are all the rage, I decided to recreate it.  I’m still...

Childhood Favorite – Best Sloppy Joe’s

We’ve all had those favorite dishes when we were a kid.  For me growing up they were Sloppy Joe’s, Spaghetti with meat sauce, and Dreamsicles. As an adult when I get the occasional craving for those I’ll make them at home. 

Baked Salmon with Avocado Mango Salsa over Coconut Lime Rice

My daughter who rarely gets off work came in town for a long weekend.  It was great seeing her and spending time doing what she enjoys, together. We cooked, a favorite hobby of hers now, and created this Baked Salmon with Avocado Mango Salsa over Coconut Lime Rice. 

Homemade Horseradish

Homemade Horseradish is something I never considered making on my own but like most dishes, homemade always trumps store bought.