Quinoa Trail Mix

Cape Town South Africa – Quinoa Trail Mix

  (view of the Marina from our room) Our last stop in Africa was to Cape Town South Africa.  Our travel from Rwanda to Cape Town was a total of 19 hours from the time we left the lodge in Rwanda, until arriving at Cape Grace Hotel. Cape Grace...

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda we came across a Silverback

Part 3: Rwanda & Gorilla Trekking

Our next stop was Rwanda do to some Gorilla Trekking.  We had no idea what to expect. Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge our home for the next 2 days was set within a forest high in the mountains of Rwanda.  The trek to our cottage alone was a workout that I...

Ngorongoro Crater Hippos peering out from under the water

African Safari: Part 2 Ngorongoro Crater

If you started following my African adventures then you’ve already read Part 1 on the Northern Serengeti, Tanzania.  Quite the experience and one that if you haven’t had the opportunity to read, and view my photos, I hope you’ll do it now. After visiting the Northern Serengeti we hopped...

Serengeti, Africa- Lions of Tanzania

African Safari: Part 1 Northern Serengeti

An African Safari has been on my bucket list ever since my husband and son went some 10+ years ago.  So when my daughter called saying she had vacation time coming, asking if anyone wanted to go, I said I’d love to! With little time to spare my son chimed in...

All Beef Chili with Espresso

All Beef Chili with Espresso for Super Bowl!

Super Bowl is this weekend. Since I shared healthy game day recipes last week, I decided to share my All Beef Chili with Espresso today. 

Super Bowl Healthy Dishes

Tasty Super Bowl Fare that’s Good 4U

I had to take a slight break from posting the past couple of weeks. I managed to come down with the respiratory flu.  Thank goodness I was ready for it from my previous post.  Still, it was no picnic!  I’m thrilled to be back to share some game day...

Homemade Chicken Soup

It’s Flu Season – Are You Ready?

Flu Season is here!!! Monday night my daughter called at almost midnight from Minneapolis. “Mom I’m so sick!” As she described in vivid detail waking me out of a deep sleep, my own stomach started feeling queasy. 

How To Secure Your Cutting Board

Tip: How To Secure Your Cutting Board

Now that the New Year is here it’s important to learn ways you can be safe in the kitchen.  For those seasoned cooks it’s also important that you don’t forget some of the most simple tricks & tips.