Karuna – the NEW beverage in town & GIVEAWAY

There’s a new beverage in town that I can’t wait to tell you about.  The name is Karuna!  Karuna means compassion in Buddhism, precisely what the creators of this new healthy plant based beverage want to nourish our bodies with. Karuna is “the root of good health.” It brings together all-natural ingredients and eco-friendly processes to create nutrient packed drinks – providing pure and wholesome nourishment for the body, mind, and soul.         ….Continue reading for the Giveaway….        

I met Angela and her husband (creators of Karuna) 5 years ago when they invited me into their home to teach their daughter and classmates fun holiday cookie decorating.  We’ve been friends ever since. When Angela asked me if I’d be interested in sampling a product she created of course I said, “yes!” Now I always have bottles of Karuna in my refrigerator – I love the taste and how it makes me feel.  This is my favorite………………….

Here’s a video clip on our local Fox 2 News of Angela talking about the Karuna beverage

and another segment showing and sharing how they produce some of the Karuna products.

Angela who holds several post-graduate (Master’s and doctorate) degrees in medical research and business was disheartened after seeing how some beverage companies created so called “natural” drinks from products that weren’t naturally juicy. This resulted in environmental waste, loss of nutrients, and the addition of synthetic nutritional powders all at a high cost to consumers. Angela was determined to change that!       ….Continue reading for the Giveaway


Angela and her husband believe a simple, sensible approach is the best path to healthfulness, and self-compassion should begin by feeding the soul, caring for the body, and stimulating the mind. They strive to cultivate harmony for all three by combining the simplicity of wholesome, healthful ingredients, and the innovation of modern science used in natural food formulation.  Together in perfect balance, they have blended the perfect union of deliciously delicate taste, and nutritious sustenance. Every bottle of Karuna plant based or fruit infused beverage is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, low in sugar and calories.

For thousands of years, Eastern Asian food culture has held a strong belief that both food and medicines share the same root, and that the proper food selection could strengthen the body, boost the immune system and treat chronic illnesses. The uniquely simple nutrient combinations that go into Karuna beverages come together to cultivate an aura of wellness and tranquility to accompany you through your day – whatever adventures it may bring.

Currently Karuna offers 5 healthy beverages each with a purpose.

GIVEAWAY! If you live in the St. Louis, Missouri area visit one of the stores that carry Karuna and let me know which Karuna beverage you liked best and why.  Leave your comment below along with a photo on my facebook page At Home with Vicki Bensinger and a comment, for your chance to win a box of your favorite Karuna plant based or fruit infused beverage. This giveaway is only valid for St. Louis residents.  The winner will be announced next Saturday, March 18th, 2017.  So what are you waiting for?  Residents outside of the St. Louis area will have an opportunity for this Giveaway once Karuna reaches other U.S. markets, so stay tuned!

Below are the 5 Karuna beverages currently offered  to Heal, Fuel, and Hydrate your body, with more healthy blends currently in the works!

  • 1 designed to Heal the body – Mung Bean Sprouts and Aronia Berries

  • 2 shakes designed to Fuel the body – Divine Three & Divine Chestnut


  • 2 designed to Hydrate the body – Fruity Longan & Sunny Date

Which Karuna beverage do you think will be your favorite?  

If you’ve already sampled them which one would you like to have a box of and why?



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  1. So many new products to discover—love the health benefits of this one!

  2. I grew up eating mung beans and sprouts! And aroniaberries are so good for us too. This sounds like a really great drink.

    • Be sure to view the videos I’ve attached. Angela is so smart and has done an incredible job to insure the processing of Karuna remains pure. The beverages are all so flavorful and make you feel wonderful inside and out. My favorite is the bean sprout and aronia berries but I love them all.

  3. I have never heard of this drink…they sure look great…I would love to try the longan…as I love this fruit.
    Thanks for introducing me to a new product. I hope you are having a nice week Vicki 🙂

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