Cooking Live on Periscope + Giveaway!


I don’t know about you, but when  a new social media site is introduced I’m like, “you’ve got to be kidding!”  As if we don’t have enough already – who can actually keep up with all of them? Between posting, adding photos and commenting it can become a full time job if you want to get feedback and followers.  So I always investigate these new trends to determine if I want to get involved. 

When I caught wind of “Periscope”  (purchased by Twitter) I was so excited!  Periscope allows an individual to broadcast live to the world, a select group or privately, and get immediate feedback through comments posted by your viewers, plus receive kudos (hearts floating) created by tapping on the screen .  In the normal setup a broadcaster cannot see face to face who they’re broadcasting to, although there are ways to make that possible.

Since I teach cooking classes I thought this would be an ideal medium to utilize to teach brief cooking sessions for free, and for those that want a private lesson I could arrange for that as well, for a fee.

On Wednesday, I taught my first demo on Periscope.  While there were a few hiccups I had to deal with I think I got the hang of it, at least until next time!  Speaking of next time, my plan is to go live each week on Periscope to share quick recipes and culinary tips.  So I hope you’ll take a few minutes to download the App to your mobile device, and follow me @VickiBensinger.

Each time I go to broadcast live you’ll be alerted so you can watch.  If you have any questions about signing on, which by the way is free, please post your comments below.

In the meantime, you can view my first broadcast below.  This is a recipe I’ve shared here At Home with Vicki Bensinger but never in a video or live.  I hope you enjoy it.

To enter my Giveaway simply Tweet out: Follow @VickiBensinger on #Periscope for your chance to win a 30 minute private online cooking session with her. Ends 8/29/15

Note: Currently Periscope can only be shot in the vertical on your mobile device – hence, the narrow video screen.

To learn more about “Periscope” and how to use it check out 1AlexKhan.

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  1. What a terrific idea! I’m sure your short video demos will help loads of cooks out there. I’m stretched too thin right now to add another social media site—but I have a  feeling I’ll eventually cave 🙂

    • You should give it a try Liz, you’d be great! I know what you mean though about all the social media sites. There are so many it seems almost daunting to add another one to the list. I hope you’ll follow me on Periscope though. It’s easy, just download the app on iTunes and login with you Twitter account. Then subscribe to Vicki Bensinger. That’s it!

  2. You are such a pro Vicki, the video looks great! I love that there’s always something new to keep us on our toes! You’re so brave to dive right in!

    • Thanks Chris. I’m use to teaching in front of people so it was easy. Although I’m not sure how great the actual audio was but it was fun to be able to share in front of a live audience and get immediate feedback. You should give it a try.

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