Dinner @ Matsuhisa in Vail Colorado

sushi 3 tuna with truffles

It was our last night in Colorado for the summer.  My husband drove back in his car on Tuesday and my daughter and I were heading back on Wednesday with my son to follow on Friday.  Three out of four of us love sushi – my daughter is gradually developing a taste for it. 

Since my husband had headed back to St Louis that left 3 of us.  My son had been wanting to head over to Vail to try Nobu Matsuhisa’s restaurant Matsuhisa.  If you love sushi and have never been to one of Nobu’s restauarants it’s a must on your list.  The food as well as presentation are above and beyond any sushi restaurant around.  Plus the experience is awesome! You might recall my post about their Black Cod with Miso back in 2013.

My son convinced us to let the chefs decide our menu which consisted of 8 courses, with each course being a surprise.  They call it “Omakase”.  The most complete way to experience the essence of Nobu Matsuhisa’s dishes.

My daughter who isn’t particularly a fan of sushi agreed to expand her palate and try this tasting menu.

Most of the dishes my son and I thought were quite tasty however, in the end my daughter wished she had just order the teriyaki chicken.  Shockingly she tried a bite of everything placed in front of her, and actually enjoyed many of them.

Below are the dishes in the order they were served.  Unfortunately I don’t recall half the names, and all photos were taken with my iPhone.  The presentation of each dish was stunning!

Truly a memorable evening – too bad we didn’t go earlier in the trip so my husband could have joined us.  Next time you travel to a city that has one of Nobu’s restaurants be sure to make a reservation – you can find them world wide!

sushi 1

sushi 2 stuffed oysters

sushi 3 tuna with truffles

sushi 4 crab legs.jpg

sushi 5 lamb chops

sushi 6 sashimi

sushi 7 miso soup with clams

sushi 8 dessert platter

If you’d like to try any of these recipes and then some you can order Nobu Matsuhisa’s cookbooks here.

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  1. Sounds like a terrific dinner! Lovely assortment of dishes — everything looks incredibly tasty!

  2. That looks like a wonderful gourmet meal! I really love that tuna with truffles.

  3. What a treat!!! the dishes look outstanding!

  4. Oh, I’d love to try that menu! Bill would have chosen the teriyaki chicken, though!

  5. What a lovely restaurant to visit, they have such a great range of tasty dishes 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. wow! what a great restaurant! Everything looks insane!

  7. Wow Vicki, everything looks delicious and so nicely plated…I love it!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures…have a great week 😀

  8. Wow…everything looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing…have a great weekend!

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