Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook Giveaway

Last week I posted a recipe for Wheat Berry Salad with Orange Glazed Chicken.  Many of you are well aware when cooking certain types of grains it can take hours.  It wasn’t until I prepared this Wheat Berry Salad that I learned I could utilize my rice cooker to do the task. I thought rice cookers were just for rice!

Babysitting my stove for 1 1/2 hours isn’t my idea of fun, especially if walking away can lead to stuck burnt grains on the bottom of my pot.  But, I was thrilled to read that there is a cookbook dediciated to all the foods you can prepare in your rice cooker.  Now my rice cooker doesn’t have to be an appliance that collects dust most of the time but one that can be used often.

Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufmann who wrote “The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook” share 250 No-Fail recipes from breakfast dishes straight through to dinner and dessert all using your handy little rice cooker.

For those of you that don’t have a rice cooker I highly recommend getting one.  Up to now I used mine most often when teaching sushi classes to make sushi rice or at home for jasmine rice.  Rice comes out perfect every time, and all I have to do is put in the rice with water and turn on – the machine does the rest.

Rice cookers come in a broad range of prices however, you don’t have to purchase the most expensive one.  In fact, I’ve seen them for as low as $7 at Walgreens and Target and have personally used those with great success.  The one I currently own was given to me as a gift from my sister.  It was a bit pricey but works like a charm.  I’ve had mine for probably 20 years.

If you cook any type of grain at all, do yourself a favor – purchase a rice cooker and sign up for my giveaway.  Of course if you’ve already got one you definitely want to enter for your chance to win this fantastic cookbook.

In it’s 10th Anniversary edition Hensperger and Kaufmann will help you make Risotto, Polenta, Chilis, Soups, Porridges, Puddings, dishes like Steamed Halibut Steaks and Scallops with Sweet Red Pepper Sauce, Tamales, Poached Dried Figs in Red Wine Sauce among so many others.  Who knew your rice cooker could be so versatile?  No me!

For your chance to win The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook simply post a comment letting me know why you’d like to win this cookbook, and if you own a rice cooker what dishes you currently prepare in it?

For a second chance to increase your odds of winning, “Like Me” on Facebook and post in the comments section below.

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The giveaway for The Ultimate Rice Cooker  Cookbook will be selected at Random on Monday, March 19th, 2012. Please be sure when posting your comment to provide a link where you can be contacted.  This way in the event you win The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook I’ll be able to reach you for your mailing address.

Remember, if you don’t win you can always purchase the book on Amazon.

Good Luck!

Nami @ Just One Cookbook

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  1. I don’t yet own a rice cooker, but plan to some day soon. This cookbook would be a great guideline.

  2. I use my rice cooker not only to cook rice but to cook all sorts of grains. Quinoa, millet, farro, barley, etc. I would love to win that cookbook!

  3. To think I never used any other grain in my rice cooker besides rice amazes me. Joanne it sounds like you’ve gotten plenty of use out of your rice cooker. Way to go!

  4. I use my rice cooker only to cook rice …I do believe it’s time to expand my horizons!

  5. I am one of your email subscribers.

  6. I follow you on facebook (Rust Hawk). thank you!

  7. I’ve only cooked rice. I had no idea you could cook anything else.

    +1 Follow By Email

  8. I own a high tech Japanese rice cooker (teehee) and use it every single day… but I only use for cooking Japanese rice and never thought of cooking other dish! How interesting!

  9. Cool book Vicki! I’ve never used a rice cookies but have heard they’re wonderful – I too always thought they war just for rice and to me, rice is so easy to make on the stovetop – I never thought of using it for dishes that would otherwise take a lot of hands-on time. Thanks for enlightening me!

  10. I’d love to win this cookbook because I own a rice cooker and I’ve love some fresh new ideas for using it. Currently I use it to make (a) plain steamed rice to accompany curries, (b) pilafs, by adding sauteed spiced vegetables to rice in the rice cooker (c) an Indian breakfast dish called upma, which is a bit like cream of wheat.

  11. I don’t have a rice cooker, but if I win the book I’ll give it a go! Thanks

  12. I do not have a rice cooker but rice dishes are staple in our home and I definitely need one. Being on Gluten free diet I do cook quinoa, millet and cream of rice for my breakfast and sometimes I avoid just because mornings are busy. Winning this book will be a step toward that direction.

  13. I’ve eyed rice cookers in the past, but I don’t cook rice often enough to make it worth my while. Or so I’ve thought. It never occurred to me that you could cook grains in a rice cooker, although it’s obvious when you think about it. I may have to reconsider getting one.

    BTW, on my blog you asked about how I took some of the pictures. I answered there, but so you don’t have to go back and look: I shot those on black acrylic, which is a reflective as a mirror. You can use a mirror too, but you can run into some problems with that. Key trick is to use black foam core or something to block out any light except that which you want – the acrylic reflects everything so you have to be careful that things don’t show that you don’t want to show. But it’s a fun way to photograph things.

  14. I’m always cooking rice – and don’t own a rice cooker!! I get different results with different types of rice! I would LOVE to win the rice cookbook – I LOVE all cookbooks!!!
    mary x

  15. Well this is a coincidence my son asked me today if I ever used a rice cooker… I said no. Really never gave it a thought. He apparently has a really good friend from Hawaii that religiously uses a rice cooker and makes the most perfect rice my son has ever had. So we would love this cooker! I never had one and love rice too! What a great Giveaway! Will be passing the word around for sure! thanks for the oppoortunity!

  16. Ooh! I do own a rice cooker! This would be a great addition to my collection

  17. Wow, standing in front of the stove for 1.5 hours doing the same dish would drive me spare too! Thank goodness for the rice cooker (and rice cooker cookbooks! :P).

  18. I would love to win this book . I do not have a rice cooker
    my email is in my profile

  19. I like you on FB
    my email is in my profile

  20. I follow you via email
    my email is in my profile

  21. I love to use my rice steamer. I had not thought about using it to cook other grains and will have to look into that for sure! This book would really get me started. I follow you by email and Facebook. Thank You,

  22. I love my rice cooker…very practical.

  23. Neat cookbook! I’ll wait till I get a rice cooker…and then buy a copy. I think I’d make rice more often with a helpful appliance.

    MY blog designer will try one more time to get my email to work. She thinks it may be a feedburner problem and therefore not fixable, but she’ll give it a shot. I’ll let you know if it works after I test it myself 🙂

  24. OK, I’m biased because I know the authors. Julie was my editor; and Beth is a good friend whom I’ve edited before. The book is amazing. You will never realize all you can do with your rice cooker until you look through these pages.

  25. I currently don’t have a rice cooker but would certainly find room for one if I am your lucky winner. I make a lot of rice dishes and would appreciate anything that makes meal prep easier. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings…Mary

  26. What… are you saying we can cook grains other than rice in the rice cooker? How did I not know this? I’ve owned my rice cooker for 16 years and I’ve only ever cooked plain rice, biryani and rice porridge in it. Obviously I’m missing out big-time, which is why I would love to win that book! (Btw, is the giveaway international?)

    Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog Vicki. I’ve always cherished your support and inevitably guilty that I haven’t come round here more often :'(. Hope we’re still friends :)!

  27. I am always amazed at the clever recipe book ideas, and this one is surely up there. My rice cooker is actually quite small and may not work with other ingredients, but I would love a look through it.

  28. I have a very simple rice cooker and mainly make plain rice in it. I do frequently add veggies to steam on top of the rice, but haven’t made anything fancy in it yet. would love to win your book to learn some new techniques and recipes.

  29. THANK YOU Vicki!!!! I’ll treasure this book. Thank you very much! 🙂

  30. Dear Vicki,

    It’s great that the humble rice cooker can be used for so many recipes and not needing to babysit the cooking process! Congrats to Nami for winning the book 🙂

  31. I do not own a rice cooker, but hope to some day…this recipe book would be a great addition to my cook book collection 🙂

  32. Hello Vicki,
    I have ‘tagged’ you in my post and would love to have you come over and take a look:)Hope it will be fun for you!!Do stop by!


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