What’s New in Grilling?

I’m always looking for new gadgets or ways to make cooking a snap. After reading about these I had to share with all of you. I haven’t received these yet but my order is in.

FireWire Flexible Grilling Skewers, professional-grade grilling skewers that are as practical as they are fun. The skewer is a stainless steel cable, twice as long as most skewers, that enables you to take your skewered food from marinating bag to grill to plate, all on the same flexible wire. Efficiently, FireWire can circle the perimeter of the grill like a necklace, enabling you to cook burgers, chicken, steak or corn in the center: You have new-found space on your grill surface. And the stainless steel stays cool, allowing you to turn or reposition the wire or remove the food from the grill without using tools. Probes on each end of the wire make it easy to both pierce food and to grab the wire.

Conventional steel skewers eventually rust and wooden skewers are one-time use; stainless steel Firewires last a lifetime. While you can’t hold the FireWire and eat your food upright as you can with a conventional ten-inch skewer, the fun of flexibility more than compensates. Of course, your kids may want to turn it into a food necklace!

Check out the FireWire video at www.firewiregrilling.com. You can buy them at Amazon.com. $9.99 for two wires. That’s a very cost-effective gift to bring to every cookout you’re invited to.

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  1. they even look cool to cook with, have fun with your new toys!

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