Holiday Fun with Kids!

Stained Glass Cookie Ornaments 1

        Stained Glass Cookies

On Monday I shared with you great Homemade Gifts from The Kitchen to give for the upcoming holidays.  I also promised that I’d share more recipes to serve your guests, plus special treats to create with your children if they’ll be home from school……

There’s nothing worse than being snowed in with nothing to do.  The kids are bouncing off the wall and you’re ready to hit your head against the wall, but WAIT!!!  Don’t panic – here are a few fun recipes that will keep your kids entertained………

My kids two favorite things to do on a snowy day was to make Stained Glass Cookies and Homemade PlayDoh.  While the cookies can be prepared and ready to eat in an hour or less the PlayDoh can be played with for hours on end.  Whether they’re home for the holidays, stuck indoors on a snowy or rainy day, or even home sick – homemade PlayDoh is fun for everyone, all the time!

M&M's Tasty Table Lights

Here’s a fun simple recipe your kids can create with everyone’s favorite candy M&M’s

On Monday I’ll share more holiday recipes, so be sure you stop back by.  Until then……have a great weekend!

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  1. I love those table light cookies! Look forward to reading your gifts from kitchen.
    Have a peaceful weekend!

  2. Heck, there’s nothing worse than when I’m snowed in! Fun stuff here – lots to keep us occupied. 😉 Thanks for this.

  3. Since I love linzer cookies I would really want to try these glass cookies filled with crunched candies. They look fun to make. Have a great weekend!

    • I think you’d enjoy making them along with the rest of the crew in your home. Poke a little hole in the top prior to popping into the oven so you can hang them on the tree. They’re so pretty.

  4. Such fun ideas Vicki. I’d like to be a kid at your house!

  5. I LOVE your stained glass cookies, Vicki! Perfect for the holidays. And I remember admiring your ornament cookies, too…two winners here!

  6. You always have the best ideas on your page!! So cool!!

  7. Very pretty and festive! Love the stained glass cookies…I would love to hang a few from my tree! Both of these cookies are perfect for the holidays!

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