Get Ready for Grilling Season!

Grilling season is almost upon us.  Depending on where you live it might be available year round.  However, here in the midwest we can comfortably grill outdoors in the spring, summer and fall.  I’ll still grill during the winter but not if the temperature is in the teens or if we have freezing rain or snow. 

The past few days it’s been 60-75 degrees here, so I’ve been grilling our dinners.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, today it’s cold and windy with rain and sleet.  So I guess I won’t be grilling tonight as planned.  It’s just too bone chilling, not at all fun for me.

However, grilling season is officially just a few weeks away.  Are you ready for it?  Would you like to learn some new recipes to WOW your family and friends with this spring and summer?  If so, I have some fun and delicious menus to help.

Choose this “Special Occasion” menu above creating a heavenly Grilled Fish with a Roasted Red Pepper, Corn and Tomato Salsa….
Visit Italy and go “Under the Tuscan Sun” and learn to make Chicken Under A Brick (Pollo al Mattone)….
How about a “Mexican Fiesta” while we grill up some Beef Fajitas….
Or, are you just looking to have fun with food and friends?  Then try to “Skewer It” with a variety of fun skewered dishes to treat yourself to starting with Chicken Satay among several others.
Each menu is complete with appetizer, entree, sides and dessert.  So get a jump start on the grilling season and be ready to party outdoors with friends.
Contact me to schedule a fun grilling class at your home, just for you, with a group of your friends or co-workers.  It’s the perfect way to spend by the BBQ and in the relaxing environment of your home.
Pricing and menus available upon request.

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