Vietnamese Vegetarian Summer Rolls

It seems that when spring arrives everyone starts eating a bit healthier. Maybe it’s in anticipation of summer coming and knowing you’ll be putting on a bathing suit. Either way, healthy eating shouldn’t just be reserved for the warm months of the year, but year-round. A refreshing recipe that you can make and take to work, pack in your childs lunchbox or have as a snack or appetizer is a Vietnamese Summer Roll. It’s even a great way to eat a salad on the run! Whether you add seafood, chicken, beef or just prepare it with vegetables and herbs it makes for a delicious and light treat.

This month I will share from my Asian Appetizer Class how to make this healthy roll, in a video. If you’re looking for a fun culinary class check this out. For more information please contact me:

WARNING: This is the first video I’ve ever done and edited myself using my Flip HD video. Click on the arrow below to view.

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  1. Great job on the video, Vicki. Can’t wait to try them.

  2. Thanks Loretta. I think they’re delicious and so light and healthy. I hope you enjoy them if you make them.

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