Sea Salt

Until just recently salt was considered a basic commodity – salt was just salt! Now however, gourmet chefs in homes and in restaurants, have learned to appreciate and distinguish between the distinctive qualities of the many varieties of sea salts and how these salts enhance the flavors and finish of foods.

If you were to go to the grocery store though would you know how to use each variety of salt or which one to use to complement or enhance the particular dish you are planning to make? Well the people at Salt Works have made it easy for you. With so many wonderful varieties to choose from I thought you all might like to browse their website just like I have to learn more about this incredible mineral.

Plus they even have bath salts to soak your body in plus some therapeutic recipes you might like to try at home.

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  1. I love Sea salt. I especially love Stacy’s Pita chips at the grocery store that are lightly salted with sea salt…yummy!! can’t eat a lot in one sitting, but they sure are good!

  2. I love sea salt as well. Check out their website, it has lots of great info plus goodies to purchase.

  3. Thanks for the link, it was interesting to read about the various salts. I guess I was ahead of my time. My family is from the south of France, so I’ve been enjoying Fleur de Sel for many years now 🙂

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