Pina Colada Creamsicle

Well one week from today is Labor Day. If history repeats itself it will either be raining or very hot. I doubt we’ll have this fall like weather although it would be fantastic if we did.

Over this week I thought I would post some fun, simple recipes that you could have for your Labor Day gathering with family and friends.

This first recipe will be perfect if the weather is sunny and warm. It’s a Pina Colada Creamsicle. Although my photo didn’t turn out that great, the creamsicle makes up for it.

I made this using small Solo cups and popsicle sticks. I couldn’t find a popsicle mold so I used what I had. I would suggest however that if you decide to make this recipe that you use the mini Solo cups. Those that are used for the bathroom. The ones I used were great but I think the smaller ones would be easier to eat from. Plus, the only popsicle sticks I had were the ones my kids use to use the build with. Use the solid sticks like they have for candy apples and popsicles they are sturdier.

This recipe is so simple. I added just a small amount of rum and you couldn’t even taste it. You can add more if you like or none at all. I think this was perfect. If you try it I hope you and your friends enjoy it too.

Pina Colada Creamsicle

1/4 cup crushed pineapple
1/4 cup cream of coconut (can be found in the liquor section at the grocery store)
1 cup heavy cream (YUM)
1 tablespoon dark rum
2 1/2 cups pineapple juice

6 popsicle molds or small solo cups (more if using mini cups)
6 popsicle sticks

Place the crushed pineapple, cream of coconut, heavy cream, and dark rum into a blender and process until smooth, about 1 minute.

Pour equal portions of the mixture into the molds. If using Solo cups I then took silver foil and with the tip of a knife put a small slit in the top to hold the popsicle stick in place.

Then place the popsicle stick half way down into the mixture with the foil over the top of the cup and seal. Place cups on a small sheet pan and place in the freezer for at least 3 hours, to freeze.

When ready to eat, run warm water over your hands or a paper towel and wrap around the cup. This should be enough to release the Pina Colada Creamsicle out of the cup so you’re able to enjoy this delightful treat. Make it with or without the rum so that everyone can have them.


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  1. This looks yumyum! Will have to file this recipe away for use when we have a summer that is warm instead of just rainy!

    Just beware – adding too much alcohol will depress the freezing point.

  2. Hi Maria,
    Yes you are right and thank you. I meant to post that when I said if you want to add a bit more rum go ahead.

    Too much alcohol will depress the freezing point so don’t pile it in. If you want more just add another 1-2 teaspoons. Otherwise you’ll have a slushy rather than a popsicle. In fact I would suggest trying this recipe first and if needed make changes the next time you prepare it to suit your taste.

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