OXO – 20 Year Anniversary Contest!

I love OXO products. They are incredibly sturdy and always work. In fact I had an electric can-opener and got rid of it to use my hand held OXO can-opener which worked much better. One of the things I love most about them is their grip. You could be working in the kitchen, hands wet and yet when you pick up an OXO tool to use your hand won’t slip. If you haven’t tried any OXO products do yourself a favor and pick up at least one of their tools. You’ll be hooked.

At any rate, I talked with one of the OXO employees about 6 months ago and yesterday she sent me an email about their 20 year contest that they are having. I thought you all might be interested in trying your luck at winning one of their Products of the Year. This is the email Victoria from OXO sent to me:

Every Tuesday, a new photo will be posted on www.acloserlookatoxo.com, which will be a zoomed in picture of the featured Product of the Year. Try to guess which product it is, and visit the site the following Monday to see if you were right! Upon the reveal, you can learn a little more about the thought that went into developing each product.

Each week, 20 lucky (and correct) guessers will win a Product of the Year, from 1990 through 2010!

If you have an OXO tool please share your thoughts about it by posting a comment on my blog.

Good Luck with the contest. I hope everyone wins something!

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