Mexican Fiesta

Had a fun class Friday evening for a young lady that was turning 12 and her girlfriends. The girls did a great job creating a huge Mexican Fiesta. They were so into it and couldn’t believe how delicious their meal turned out. The parents that joined the dinner party were going back for seconds. With few leftovers they will still have some fixin’s left for SuperBowl Sunday today.
The menu that they prepared was:
Home Baked Tortilla Chips
Hot and Creamy Cheese Dip
Roasted Vegetable Salsa
Chicken Fajitas with Grilled Veggies
Cilantro Rice
Mexican Cole Slaw
Banana Buritto’s
This was quite an extensive menu. Everyone had so much fun and learned lots of new skills that they’ll be going home and sharing with their family and friends.
It was a fun night for me, the birthday girl and her friends.
You too can have this same fun party. Call me for details!

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