Memorial Day Treat!

Memorial Day is this weekend and many of you will have your family and friends over to BBQ, hang out in the sun and sit out at the pool if the weather is favorable.

There are so many great things to prepare but one easy fun treat that the kids will love and quite frankly will bring the adults back to their youth is – FROZEN SMORES! Yes, you heard that right.

You might think of Smores as a wintertime treat or one that you use to make while sitting around the campfire. This weekend you can sit around the pool and savor in the sweet, cool, gooey treat of FROZEN SMORES.

Simple to make and fun for all to take part in. These are the basics you’ll need:

  1. A jar of Marshmellow creme
  2. A box of Graham Crackers (regular, low fat, cinnamon, etc)
  3. A jar of chocolate fudge topping
  4. A rectangular box of ice cream – any flavor (regular, yogurt, low fat, fat free, etc)
  5. heavy duty foil

Simply take your graham cracker and break in half
Then take the marshmellow creme and spread on 1/2 of the graham cracker
Take the other 1/2 of graham cracker and spread the chocolate fudge topping on that
Then take your ice cream that is slightly softened and cut it to fit the size of your graham cracker. Lay it on top of the marshmellow creme and then place the graham cracker with the fudge topping face down on top of the ice cream, making a sandwich.
At this point you can then roll it in sprinkles, chocolate chips, anything else you desire or leave it plain. Then wrap the sandwich in a piece of heavy duty foil and place in the freezer to get firm.
These can remain in the freezer until you are ready to eat them.
They are delicious, simple and fun. Who says you have to be a kid to enjoy them?
I keep these in the freezer all the time so they are ready whenever guests/kids come over looking for a great treat.
To learn how to make more fun treats like these plus much more, check out my adult and children’s culinary classes by clicking on “culinary classes” under “label”.
Wishing you and your family a Happy and Safe Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. Look yummy, Vicki. I forwarded to both my kids, since I’m on a diet. Maybe they’ll make the recipe and force me to eat one. Let’s hope!

  2. You can use the low fat Graham Crackers with Fat Free Frozen Yogurt and you’ll cut the calories by quite a bit. They really are delicious!

  3. Oh Yea, I forwarded this a few days ago to a friend with little ones in Texas. They always go to the Frio River outside San Antonio for the holiday and celebrate with extended family. Fun Huh?

  4. Hope they enjoyed them. Since it’s been raining here we already ate ours this afternoon. They were delightful!

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