Labor Day dishes

Labor Day is in just 5 days. If you’re like me you’ve already been thinking for weeks about what to serve, at what could possibly be the last big BBQ of the season. Of course you know the usual standard fare is hot dogs, hamburgers and grilled chicken. That’s always a sure thing that most people will like. However, did you ever consider changing it up a bit?

If you get my monthly newsletter then today you received it with the recipe for my Southwestern Fish or Fish Tacos which would definitely be something different to serve.

But if you don’t get my newsletter or don’t like fish how about doing different types of burgers?

You could do:
salmon burgers
turkey burgers
veggie burgers and even
chicken burgers.

Chicken burgers are what I served for dinner this evening and they are so delcious and moist. They’re simple to prepare and doctor up by adding some diced celery, onions, egg, bbq sauce to the mix and even some fresh bread crumbs. Throw those on the grill and they’re fantastic and low cal.

Add some homemade baked beans and some fresh fruit along with a salad or veggie dip and your good to go.

I did a burger party last year and it was a HUGE hit. Everyone was so excited, they didn’t know which one to try first.

As an added bonus, if you decide to make chicken burgers or any type of burger, try making this sauce to go on your burger instead of the usual ketchup. It’s incredibly good!

Cranberry BBQ Sauce

1 can (16oz) Whole berry Cranberry Sauce
1 cup BBQ sauce

Blend together and add to the tops of your burgers. Simple and delicious! Your guests will be asking where they can purchase that wonderful sauce.

I hope you have a fun and safe holiday!

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