Holiday Dessert Fun!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to Boston to visit my daughter who attends one of the Universities there. We had a wonderful time shopping, going to nice restaurants and just hanging out together, the kind of things that moms and their daughters do.

While there my daughter suggested we go to Mike’s Pastry a place she had heard had incredible baked goods. Mike’s Pastry is in the North End of Boston, where all the great Italian Restaurants are, similar to The Hill here in St Louis only much bigger and busier.

It was Saturday night and the entire block was packed with people standing outside of restaurants waiting to be seated. We had already had dinner at a nearby restaurant but had reservations so got seated immediately. Anyway, we walked down the street to Mike’s Pastry and literally there was a line at least a 1/2 mile long waiting to get into the shop.

We managed to eventually get inside to view cases of homemade fresh pastries. They had Cannoli’s of various types, fillings and coatings, all of which they are famous for. Plus many more desserts, each one looking more luscious than the next.

We decided to order and bring back home a chocolate dipped Cannoli stuffed with a Ricotta filling, Boston Cream Pie and Boston Cream Puff. We were debating on the Lobster Claw that everyone said was so wonderful but we opted for the first three.

To say the least they all tasted amazing. I honestly couldn’t pick which one was my favorite. Each one had their own special quality that was decadent.

If you’ve never had a Cannoli you may be wondering what they are. Here’s the description Mike’s Pastry shares about this wonderful italian dessert.

Later back at my hotel, I decided to get online to see if I could order some of these heavenly treats to have shipped and learned that they have Cannoli kits, which I think would be a fun treat to have or gift to give for the holidays.

I enjoyed their pastries so much that I thought I’d share this information with you. This holiday, along with all my other treats, I’m going to be ordering a Cannoli kit from Mike’s Pastry. Just one more thing to add to the festivities of the season.

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