Holiday Cookie Exchange!

I think the idea of a cookie exchange sounds like so much fun. Although I cook an enormous amount I never seem to have the time to host a cookie exchange. When I do think about having one it’s usually too late to organize. Like today! I’d love to put one together but most people already have their plans and quite frankly I’m booked now with culinary classes and other events that I’m not even sure I could find the time to squeeze it in.

However, this morning I happened to run across a site that is strictly devoted to hosting a cookie exchange. I found it fun and fascinating to browse through and thought you might as well.

The site contains information on the Rules of a Cookie Exchange, Sample invitations, Party Games, Recipes, Links and all sorts of fun things. Even photos of people all over the world who have posted their own photos of their cookie exchanges.

Of course there are all sorts of wonderful books at on this subject. So if you’re planning on hosting one anytime soon, check out this site or the Amazon link above to purchase some helpful information on the topic.

Next year I am definitely going to plan ahead and host my first cookie exchange. It sounds like a blast!

Happy Baking!

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  1. hmm, thought I posted last night..guessing I didn’t finish clicking. this post got me thinking, about what I can do “after” the holidays

  2. So you’re thinking of having a cookie exchange after the holidays?

  3. might not be cookies, but I’m trying to think up something, lol maybe it can be a recipe exchange, they leave with recipe cards or I’ll make them up after the event…they just get to eat good for an hour or two.

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