Grapes and your Pet

I use to have this wonderful chocolate lab that absolutely loved to play with grapes. Funny thing is he never ate them but if he had it wouldn’t have mattered to me at least not until now!
Today I read this article and couldn’t believe what I was reading. Many of you may be aware of this but since I wasn’t and currently have 2 adorable dogs that I cherish, I thought I would share it with my readers.
Did you know?
Raisins and grapes are forbidden fruit, for they can cause kidney failure in dogs; sadly, many pets have died from ingesting raisins. Although it’s not known exactly why grapes and raisins don’t agree with dogs, veterinary nutritionist Joan Weiskopf, author of Pet Food Nation: The Smart, Easy, and Healthy Way to Feed Your Pet Now (Collins) has a theory: “Grapes are a heavily sprayed crop, and since so many grapes are coming from Chile, I suspect there’s a pesticide that’s causing problems for dogs. Also, raisins are preserved with sulfites, which cause allergic reactions in many dogs.” (Be wary of foods preserved with nitrates, as well, such as sausages and bacon; delicious as these are, they too can trigger allergic reactions in dogs.)
If you’re a dog lover like I am then you may want to read this article in its entirety as it goes into more detail about other everyday foods that can be harmful to your pet. Afterall, if you’re reading my blog chances are you love to cook as much as I do. Pass it along to your friends.

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