Gingerbread House Class

Nothing says the holidays to me more than when I teach Gingerbread House making classes. Each year I do anywhere from 3-10 gingerbread house classes during the holiday season and absolutely love the looks on the childrens faces after they’ve completed theirs.

This past weekend Nikki invited some of the neighborhood kids over so that I could teach them how to cut out, bake, construct and decorate their very own gingerbread house. For those children that were younger the parents were there to assist.

It started out as usual with all the kids running around excited and nibbling on all the candy that was to be used to decorate their houses. Then after the gingerbread house templates came out of the oven they got down to serious business.

I always tell the parents that once the kids start their construction the room gets very quiet. Each child is so intent on their creation with just minimal talking, comparing and sharing of ideas during that time. They don’t believe me until they see it with their own eyes.

Then once the kids have completed their creation their faces light up feeling proud of their accomplishment. As you can see from this adorable young man.

There were 7 children in all on Sunday and each created their own masterpiece totally unique from the others. With Gingerbread House in hand they left for the day to brighten their homes for the holidays with their new creation!

What a perfect way to have spent the day.

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