Fun Halloween Cocktail!

Halloween parties aren’t just for kids. Invite friends, decorate the house, throw on your best spooky costume, then serve some special drinks for a memorable evening.

Here’s a fun HOWLOWEEN Cocktail your friends won’t forget.

Check this out:

Bloody Eyeball Martini

This cocktail, creates a radish and olive “eyeball,” which is frozen into an ice cube.

Ingredients Per Cocktail

2 ounces of gin or vodka
½ ounce of dry vermouth
1 small pimento-stuffed green olive
1 large radish (the olive must be insertable into the radish)

The “eyeballs” should be prepared a day before you plan to use them.

Preparation Of “Eyeballs”

1. Peel radish, leaving thin streaks of red skin on to represent blood vessels.

2. Using the tip of the vegetable peeler or a small knife, carefully scoop out a small hole at the top of the radish, roughly the size of an olive.

3. Stuff a green olive, pimiento side out, in each hole.

4. Place 1 radish eyeball in each section of an empty ice cube tray. Pare the radishes down a bit to fit, if necessary. Fill the tray with water and freeze overnight.

5. Place gin and vermouth in a cocktail shaker with ice.

6. Gently shake and pour, straining the ice, into a martini glass.

7. Garnish with an olive eyeball.

Begin with a radish.

Steps 1 & 2: Peel radish, leaving thin streaks of red skin. Scoop out a small hole at the top, the size of an olive.

Steps 3 & 4: Stuff an olive into the hole and freeze radishes in ice cubes.

How fun is that?

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  1. Cool! this is the first time I saw like that. I want to try that too. Thanks for sharing this post. I’ve got an idea.


  2. I’m glad you like the Bloody Eyeball Cocktail. It certainly will make for some interesting conversations. Enjoy your Halloween!

    Thank you for your post.

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