Foods to Beautify You in the New Year!

We’ve all heard, “You are What You Eat” and that’s true. If you tend to eat high fat, high carbs and high sodium foods you won’t look as healthy or be as healthy as when you eat lots of fruits, veggies and fish, and foods that are low in fat, carbs and sodium but have plenty of protein. Plus of course you must combine all that with a healthy lifestyle that includes daily exercise. We all know that’s true but for some it’s not always easy to do.

If you knew though that certain foods were good for you and could even make you more beautiful don’t you think you’d at least want to try them? Well here’s a list of foods that can help give your new years resolution a jump start to a healthier lifestyle and beautiful body.


It’s low in fat with a good source of protein, important for healthy hair growth. It has high amounts of zinc, which helps prevent acne and boost your immune function.
Plus the addition of B vitamin will make your hair look shinier. Of course, remember to leave out the butter for dipping!


Contains 25% of an adult’s daily quota of fiber. It also is detoxifying because it helps rid the body of waste which in turn will give you a clearer and more radiant complexion. In addition in contains an antioxidant called, “rutin” that reduces inflammation throughout the body, leaving skin looking plumper and less red.

Chia Seeds

High in Omega-3s and Vitamin E resulting in glowing skin and shiny hair.


Loaded with Vitamin C it stimulates collagen production which will keep your skin from aging prematurely. Strawberries also contain a natural astringent called “malic acid”, that can help remove discoloration from your teeth.

Sweet Potatoes

Full of fiber and high in vitamin A, keeping skin fresh, smooth and clear.


We’ve heard it as the Super Fruit because it’s full of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants which boosts your immunity, improves skin glow and reduces wrinkles.

Wild Salmon

One of the best kown sources of skin-beautifying omega fatty acids reducing inflamation more effectively than almost any other food. It enhances radiance and reduces wrinkles and puffiness.


This vegetable is high in fiber to keep your skin clear plus has plenty of vitamin A & C reducing wrinkles and skin discoloration. Plus it makes your eyes look whiter because of the nutrient “lutein”.


High in vitamin B leaving you with glowing skin and soft hair. Plus high in protein.


Because of the probiotics in this drink it cleanses the digestive tract, so skin appears clear and more luminous. In addition studies have shown that those who drink kefir have a more significant amount of weight loss than those that don’t.

Stumped about how to cook these foods or put them in recipes. Just google them online and 100s will pop up.

Now you can be a few steps closer to a healthier you this New Years!

Have a Happy and Healthy one!

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