Flower Power – Cupcakes!

The flowers have been so beautiful lately lining the streets of our neighborhood, that I decided to create my own.  Since I don’t consider myself to be the best at gardening, maybe because I’ve never done much of it, I decided to make flowered cupcakes.

My idea was to create large chocolate flowers on the top of cupcakes.  I played around with this idea in the ktichen last night trying one thing and another.  I had planned to post about my flower creations but wasn’t sure if they were post worthy – even though I loved the way they looked.  Then my husband came in the kitchen and mentioned they were cute and asked where I purchased them? My neighbor stopped by today and asked the same thing in a “wow that’s pretty” kind of tone, so I thought I’d go ahead and share them.

Here’s how I made my Flower Power Cupcakes:

Make your favorite cupcakes, stuffed or unstuffed.  I like to stuff mine with chocolate filling, lemon or lime curd – YUM!  Then top with a favorite icing.  I colored mine to look like grass.

For the flower part, I used:

Confectioners Coating (white), you can also purchase colored ones
Large non-pareils – I like these because they have multi-colored sprinkles on top, most have white
Chefmaster Candy Colors
2 microwave safe dishes – for the confectioners coating
1 small bowl for coloring the icing

Place a handful of the confectioners coating in a microwave safe bowl.  The amount will depend on how many cupcakes you’re designing.

Microwave 3 times in increments of 30 seconds, stirring between each until smooth.


Once smooth add several drops of your desired color. I chose yellow and orange for the petals.
(I microwaved the confectioners coating in 2 separate bowls for 2 separate colors).
I then placed each color, once melted and blended, into a pastry bag, and cut the tip so just enough of the melted coating could come out. Keep the hole small otherwise too much coating will ooze out and make a mess. You can also use a zip lock baggie, cutting one tip.
My first plan was to make a flower template in one entire piece.
However, after doing that I felt like it looked too flat.


So then I made individual petals in yellow and orange, that I would insert into a thick layer of icing and place the milk chocolate non-pariel in the center.  I liked this idea.
I piped these free hand and as you can see they aren’t all perfect.  You could make a template by drawing the petals on paper, then covering with parchment.  Be sure to tape this all down to a table though so it doesn’t move.  Don’t pipe directly onto the pencil marks, they will come off on the confectioners coating.
(outside photo)
Then I strategically placed my petals at varying levels and centered my non-pariel. Here you have it!
(inside photo)
This may not be the most beautiful flower cupcake but it was fun to make.  Best part – you can eat the petals individually or do: “he loves me, he loves me not!”  Well maybe your teenagers will want to do that.

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  1. These are so cute!!

  2. I want flowers like that in my garden. LOL

  3. Very creative and fun! Our street is loaded with Spring blooms too;-)

  4. If not in the garden, you are doing great work in baking.
    Your creativity does look good.

  5. Really creative & cute cupcakes!!!

  6. I love these Vicki – they just have a happy and fun look to them!

  7. These look so cute…looks like you had a lot of fun doing them…that is the best part of being in the kitchen I think 🙂

  8. Balavinder you are so sweet. I want to garden. In fact I’d love to grow a vegetable garden but often during the summer months we are gone for extended periods of time so I feel like it wouldn’t be worth it to start one.

    Glad the rest of you like these. I need to perfect them and probably drawing a template would help but it was fun making them and eating them was even better.
    I agree Chris they do look happy!

  9. What a fun, clever way to make the flowers! I have a brown thumb, but I adore plants!

  10. these are so cute! so perfect for spring!

  11. Such pretty spring deliciousness!!
    Mary x

  12. They totally do look store bought! Love them 🙂

  13. How pretty! Kids love this kind of colorful cupcakes. They’ll enjoy eating one petal at a time. 🙂

  14. OMG These look absolutely georgeous

  15. Very creative and colorful !

  16. Hi Vicky! your cupcake looks so coloreful, our neighborehood kids would love those, I can literally imagine their faces. thx for the useful step by step instructions.

  17. What a fun idea…so cute! I bet my nieces would love to try this 🙂
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  18. What a lovely blog of yours!

  19. Really great idea! And thanks for the detailed instructions – I’m a decorating novice, so I always appreciate a thorough “hot to” for topics like this. Thanks for a great post.

  20. Dear Vicki,

    This is very cute and creative and I think “love me, love me not” would be fun as well!

  21. So bright and perfect for spring! I love this technique…and will have to give it a shot! And what a great compliment from your hubby and friends 🙂 They ARE beautiful!

  22. Looks really awesome..

  23. Your cupcake looks so pretty! You are so talented Vicki! I wouldn’t have been able to pull this off.

  24. Very creative! Good that you really went for bold and bright colours and not for the ‘usual floral’ pink, red and purple. Makes them look just as fresh and new as spring. 🙂

  25. Thank you for all your comments. I hope you try these.

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