Culinary Class Projects

Last week as I had mentioned I taught a Gourmet Pizza Class. In the class we made a Pesto Pizza (shown above) and a BBQ Chicken Pizza (shown below) in addition to a Margarita Flatbread Pizza which I don’t have the photo of.

However, tonight I was working on my Asian Grilled Tuna recipe that I posted last week and served it with an Asian Cole Slaw on Flatbread. Although my photo didn’t turn out great the meal was fantastic. The fishmonger sliced the tuna much thinner than I would have liked. When my phone rang and I went to answer it, in that one minute, my tuna went from rare to medium. I prefer it to be nice and pink inside -medium/rare. Not a problem though it was still moist and delicious.

I tweeked the recipe just how I like it. Now it’s ready for my class with a few additions to the menu.

I was going to post the photo but as I mentioned it didn’t turn out so great. I have to say, I really need to take some food photograpy classes. That’s definitely not my specialty.

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