Cool Beans Ice Cube Tray

Cool Beans Ice Cube Trays are cool in more ways than one:

It cools your iced coffee, iced cappuccino or latte.
It looks cool doing it.
Since you make Cool Beans ice cubes with coffee or espresso, your drink won’t dilute, like it would with regular ice cubes.

The goal of these jumbo coffee bean-shaped cubes is to keep your beverage strong and undiluted. You don’t have to brew coffee just to make the cubes. Make it from the coffee you brew for daily drinking, especially since there’s usually some leftover.

So instead of pouring out the unused brewed coffee left in the pot, pour it into the Cool Beans Ice Cube Tray. Don’t have enough leftover? Then store it in a jar and put it in the refrigerator and keep adding to it until you have enough to fill a Cool Beans Ice Cube Tray.

No more ice cubes melting in your coffee. With Cool Beans your iced coffee will never dilute again.

Ice Coffee Tips:

A fun thing you can do is to add a rock sugar swizzle stick to your iced beverage. These are stir sticks with thick rock candy on the end. You can buy these in most candy stores. Another idea is to use a cocktail shaker. Mixing your iced coffee drinks in this will make them extra frothy.

When making iced coffee it’s important to remember that the taste depends on the bean. A darker roast coffee blend yields a better iced coffee. Experiment with different roasts and flavors to see what you like the best. Maybe you could mix a couple of flavors of coffee together and use this custom blend to make your iced coffee with. Short on ideas? Check out the menu variations at Starbucks.

Search the various recipe web sites for different types of iced coffees. The possibilities are endless! Do a search for iced coffee recipes and just see what you can find. Flavor packets are also available to add to your iced coffee for additional flavor combinations.

Of course, you can make coffee ice cubes in any ice cube tray. But Cool Beans adds some charisma to your iced coffee, plus it’s a fun gift for any coffee lover. I think they’d make a great gift for Father’s Day or as a hostess gift for a summer luncheon or bbq.

I love gadgets, I just wish I’d start coming up with some of these ideas.

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