Cooking like Mom!

My daughter called me the other day to say that she and her roommates were having some friends over to their apartment for dinner. My daughter who is a junior in college has suddenly found an interest in cooking, well it makes sense.

Now out on their own getting fast food and eating out all the time has lost its appeal. They’ve found that if they can cook, not only will they be able to prepare the food how they like it, but also save money and have fun while preparing their dishes.

She’s been cooking with me in the kitchen since she was a little girl, but it wasn’t until this year that cooking took on a whole new meaning to her. Anyway, she asked me for my recipe for the Salmon Roulade. For those of you that have been following my blog for a while know that I prepared that recipe on Great Day St. Louis for an Easter and Passover dish.

The recipe is so light and delicious and although it looks complicated is really quite simple.

So I forwarded her the link to where I had it posted on my blog and told her to watch the video, then read the recipe several times over before attempting to make it. I even mentioned to her that the fishmonger at the store could butterfly the salmon so they didn’t have to. However, her roommates boyfriend use to work in a market and knew how to do that.

After completing the recipe she took this photo for me and told me how much they all loved it. In fact she’s never been too fond of fish but really enjoyed this dish and thought the salsa was incredibly delicious. Plus she said it was so much fun to make and everyone that came to dinner all pitched in to help with some part of the meal.

I thought their Salmon Roulade turned out fantastic! It just goes to show, that if you take the time to read a recipe in full prior to preparing a dish, whether you’re
21, 50 or 70 the results will be just what you’d hoped for.

I’m very proud of my daughter and her friends and elated that a part of me has rubbed off on her. I’m certain that years from now she’ll be a much better cook than I am. Before you know it she’ll be doing the entire Thanksgiving dinner!

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  1. She’s a junior already??? Wow! She did a lovely job – but then again, she had the best teacher 🙂

  2. You are so sweet Maria. They really did do a great job! She’s definitely on her way to being a great cook. Last night they had lasagna night. It appears they’re having a lot of fun creating new dishes. My passion for cooking started when I was in college as well.

  3. Their roulade looks delicious! I hope that my kids enjoy cooking as much as I do, as well. I learned from my mom, and I hope they’ll learn from me.

  4. You’ll be pleasantly surprised Olivia. My daughter for the most part just liked to bake with me while growing up. Now living in her own apartment she’s enjoying cooking for herself, following my blog and recipes I have posted there and those that I’ve made for the family over the years. In addition she’s purchasing cookbooks and reading cooking magazines.

    I guess it’s hard not to have some of it rub off on them.

    My son also enjoys cooking although doesn’t have the time for it right now.

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