Christmas Tequila Cocktail

Christmas Tequila Cocktail

Looking to bring something different for the hostess next time you get invited to that holiday party? Well over this next week I’ll share with you some fun alcoholic homemade beverages you can bring that are sure to to bring a smile to their faces.

How about creating a Christmas Cocktail made with Tequila? It’s simple to prepare but just needs to be made at least a day ahead. I know, today is Christmas however, if you have the ingredients on hand you can make it and still bring it today advising them to wait until tomorrow to try it. Otherwise, there’s no reason you can’t have it after Christmas! Afterall, New Years is still 6 days away!

First, you infuse a bottle of silver tequila. (Corzo Tequila, which created this recipe, has the benefit of a decanter-like bottle as well.) Then, you use the infused tequila to make a cocktail—or simply enjoy it straight.

Christmas Tequila Cocktail Gift


1 part infused tequila (recipe below)
1 part apple juice
1 part simple syrup (recipe below)
4-6 apples for infusion plus apple slices for garnish (you can use all green apples, all red, or a combination)
6-10 cinnamon sticks for infusion


1. Infuse tequila a day in advance. Empty 1/3 of the tequila into a second container (a large glass jar will do). Infuse both the the tequila bottle and the second jar at the same time.

2. Slice apples to fit through mouth of bottle. Add cinnamon sticks. Infuse until ready to create cocktails.

3. Shake ingredients—infused tequila, apple juice and simple syrup—with ice and strain into a martini glass.

4. When the Tequila bottle is drained, refill from the second container.

Simple Syrup Recipe

Granulated sugar does not dissolve easily in cold beverages. Simple syrup makes it easy to add sweetness to drinks. You can make simple syrup easily and keep it on hand, or you can buy organic cane syrup in natural food stores.

Using the proportion of 2 parts sugar to three parts water, fill a bottle almost halfway with sugar; add hot water.

Cover the top and shake well.

Add flavor if desired.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Look for more great homemade holiday hostess gifts in the days to come.


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