Cake Balls

This morning I decided to attempt to make cake balls. It’s cake that you then add some mixin’s and then dip in hard chocolate.

  • Use your favorite recipe or box mix
  • After baking let cake cool
  • Crumble cake into a large bowl
  • Add your favorite icing and mix
  • Using a small or large melon/ice cream scoop – scoop cake balls onto a parchment lined pan
  • Place in FREEZER (important so crumbs don’t fall off into melted chocolate)
  • Melt “wafer (white or chocolate) confectionary coating” in microwave or on top of double boiler
  • Take cake balls out of freezer and with a metal or wood skewer poke into the bottom of a frozen cake ball
  • Dip into melted white or dark wafer confectionary coating and place on parchment to dry
  • Decorate to your liking with sprinkles (while chocolate is still moist), dots, lines, etc.

These are delicious! You won’t believe just how yummy and moist they are. For fun put them in a bowl with ice cream. Then you can have your cake and ice cream too!

This will be part of a class that I am putting together for children and adults.

More information to come.

To get this great platter and 3 square bowls that come with it, contact Robin Raible at:

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  1. This sounds so cool, Vicki! What is your cake/icing ratio? Will try next time I have the tempering machine going for other things. Another thing to dip into Dove chocolate!

    I also like your dish – I love color 🙂

  2. Maria, I would say about 1 1/2 – 2 cups of icing for a normal 13×9 pan of cake.

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