Whimsical Birthday Cake

Well I sent my daughter off this morning for her sophmore year of college in Boston. I cried of course. I never can control myself. We had a great summer though and I’m sure she’ll have a wonderful year at school.

Over the weekend my sister came in town with one of her sons and we celebrated her sons birthday along with both of my children who have birthdays in August. So my daughter asked if I would make this whimsical cake that I’ve made before. You can see it above. I’m not the best when it comes to cake decorating but my daughter and I both worked on it together and I think we did a pretty good job.

The cake takes 2-3 days to make depending on how you spread it out. It’s a slanted whimsical chocolate butter cake with cookies and cream filling, buttercream icing with neon pink chocolate candles. It was delicious. Everyone loved it and took photos of it. Which of course made my daughter and I feel like quite the accomplished bakers.

We had a fun time celebrating their birthdays. I just wanted to share with you our creation. We are very proud of ourselves!

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  1. So glad you posted a photo!!! What a cute cake and sounds like you two had a blast making it together. Great Job…

  2. This cake looks wonderful! I’m sure it tasted delicious, too!

  3. It did and it was fun to make. Everyone was taking pictures of it, which really made us feel great.

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