TV Segment: Driscoll’s Blueberry Whole Wheat Pancakes

Yesterday I wrote about National Blueberry Pancake Day and mentioned that I was going to be on a local tv station showing how to make Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes.

Here’s the video segment that I did. Although I’ve been on tv before, to date, they’ve all been taped. This one was LIVE! It was fun! Hope you enjoy it and learn something about making pancakes and Driscoll’s blueberries.


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  1. Yeahhh, congratulations Vicki. My son is recently a fan of blueberry pancakes, I may have to surprise him with some of these!

  2. I’m sure he’ll love them, they’re delicious!

  3. Great job, Vicki. My husband loves whole wheat pancakes and blueberries, so this will be a winner at our house. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Loretta. It was a fun segment to do even if it was only 2.56 minutes long.

    The pancakes are delicious! I’m sure your husband will adore them.

    Thanks for your post!

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