Mediterranean Tuna Salad

I’m so happy to be able to make a post tonight since my computer got hacked into yesterday. I was so worried it wouldn’t be up and running again for days. But, thanks to our tech guy Will, he had it fixed in no time flat.

So back to what I’m here to tell you about. A few summers ago I spent some time in Italy. If you’ve had the pleasure of vacationing there before you know how wonderful the food is, the sites, shopping and incredible history.

With the weather getting warm and humid like it has been the past few days I was in the mood for a light cool lunch. Thinking back to my days in Italy I decided to make a simple Mediterranean Tuna Salad something I had often for lunch while vacationing there.

Not in the mood to go to too much trouble to prepare lunch, plus having a million things to do that day, I came up with a simple version of what I had in Italy. Quite frankly they could have prepared it the same way only with their amazing tomatoes instead of the grape tomatoes I used. They were good but not superb like those in Italy.

If you’re looking for something quick to toss together for lunch or even for dinner I recommend this salad. My son of course would eat it for breakfast, since he’s all about the protein.

Mediterranean Tuna Salad
Serves 4

1 (12oz) can of tuna pack in water, drained and rinsed to remove the sodium. (Italy would use the tuna packed in olive oil)

1 can Cannellini Beans (white italian kidney beans), drained and rinsed
10-12 Pitted Kalamatta Olives (jarred), rinsed and sliced in half
15 grape tomatoes sliced in half
5 basil leaves chiffonade sliced
Salt and Pepper to taste

Balsamic vinegar dressing

Place all ingredients in a large bowl and blend together. Add homemade or store bought Balsamic Vinegar and toss lightly. Serve. Store unused portion in the refrigerator, covered.

If you wanted to jazz this up a bit add some buffalo mozzerella to the salad and serve.

This is delicious, light and best of all easy to put together.

I felt like I was right back in Italy again.

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  1. What a super delicious salad Vicki! Adam and I are heading to Italy and France later this year! I cant wait to experience the food there. Cheers, Kristy and Adam

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