Happy Halloween

Well I’m all ready for the kids in my area to come knocking on my door this Saturday evening. I’ve got the candy that I picked up at Sam’s Club and I even made those cute witch cupcakes that I talked about a couple weeks ago. Those are for the 11 young kids in my lane.

As I was making them yesterday, my son asked me what I was doing it for? I replied, “since my kids are grown and not as interested in Halloween anymore, I wanted to make something fun for the kids in the lane.” He couldn’t figure out why I went to all the trouble but then realized it’s what I love to do. Of course after posting these photos I realize I need to go back and re-ice the front edges of a few of them. Looks like I missed a few spots.

So today I’m going to go to those few homes and give them a little gift from me to them. I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow when they come knocking on my door since I’m sure not only would they not have time to eat them but, may be leary about accepting them without their parents around.

I can’t wait to see all those little trick-or-treaters tomorrow. Hope you all have fun with your kids if you’re taking them out and if not with those that come to your door.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Those are really cute Vicki, I wish I lived in your neighborhood!!

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