Halloween Witch Cupcake

I love Halloween but unfortunately my kids are grown now so I can’t take them out trick-or-treating. However I can still have fun with the holiday and do something fun for all the children in my subdivision.

So I’ve decided after seeing these adorable cupcakes with sleeves I’m going to make them for the neighborhood kids.

Witchy Cupcake

Use your favorite cupcake recipe
Wrap with Witchy cupcake sleeve
Dip a Sugar Cone in melted Chocolate to cover completely and set to dry and harden on parchment paper
Once dry decorate hat with orange icing or whatever you like
Before placing witches hat on cupcake lay strands of pull apart black licorice on top of cupcake for the witches hair and slather on some icing if desired
Top with chocolate witches hat

And there you have it. Now how fun is that?

I’m sure the kids in my lane with love these, if they make it out of my house without my own family eating them!

To get more information about where you can get this Witches Sleeve and many others go to Round About Sleeves.

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  1. Those look like fun, Vicki. I’m sure the kids will enjoy the treat.

  2. I’ll try to remember to post the actual photos after I make them.

  3. how fun Vicki..I’m sure the kids will love them!

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