Can I learn to be a good cook?

The answer to this question is YES! I have always had a passion for cooking. Even when I may have messed up a meal I felt like I learned from what I did wrong and just moved on.

However, I was reading something yesterday and suddenly I started to laugh. I remembered when I would be cooking something in the broiler and the smoke alarm would go off. When that happened I would hear my husband yell, “DINNER’S READY”! The funny thing was, he was right. Dinner was ready. It often happened when I would be broiling lamb chops.

My point is, that we all have to start someplace. If you are one of those people that shy away from cooking or feel like there’s no hope for you – YOU’RE WRONG. Just like anything, we can all be taught to do something that we want to learn.

So if you would love to learn to cook or improve your cooking skills please call or email me. I promise after I spend some time with you in YOUR kitchen, you will feel so confident that you’ll be inviting friends and family over for dinner.

Learning something new can be a challenge but if you have the desire, you will succeed.

The holidays aren’t that far away. Now is the perfect time to start practicing so that this holiday season you can invite those people over that have invited you for years. Make it your resolution. I promise you can do it!

Please contact me for your private in-home culinary class.

Vicki Bensinger

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  1. LOL, when I saw the post I thought ” what in the world did Vicki burn” …I hate when the smoke alarm goes off. Mine is so sensitive it does it all the time. My son…”what are you burning”…as if.

  2. I think we have all done that. We have to start somewhere. So long as we don’t burn the house down. LOL

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