Cupcake Bouquet!

Mother’s Day is just about 3 weeks away.  As a child I enjoyed creating something to give to my mom and grandmothers.  To this day I still love creating a gift that I know my mom will like.  If my grandmothers were still around I’d create one for them as well.
How would you like to learn how to make a Cupcake Bouquet? If you have children this would be a fun project to do with them in celebration of Mother’s Day.  However, if your schedule is hectic but know your children would love to create their own culinary masterpiece to give for Mother’s Day, please contact me.  I’d be happy to schedule a class in your home to teach them how to make this lovely bouquet.  (Continue for recipe and instructions).

I made two different types of cupcake bouquets over the weekend while workmen were ripping out and replacing carpet in our basement – one with regular size cupcakes (shown above) and the other with
mini cupcakes
(my photos don’t do them justice)
 Note: Although beautiful as is, the mini cupcake bouquet above could be filled with additional cupcakes.   However, my family snacked on more than I thought was needed. This bouquet is covered with 7 and I think 9 or 10 cupcakes would have been nice.  Whether or not your bouquet is filled with cupcakes the tissue filler is perfect for small gaps.  That said, if your cupcakes are too close you risk them touching and ruining the iced flower design. Keep that in mind when filling your bouquet.
These are so much fun to make.  Whether you make these with your children, yourself or have me come over to teach you and/or your children – here’s the recipe. 
Cupcake Bouquet
For this bouquet we are going to make a Rose Cupcake Bouquet.  In my opinion it’s the easiest and prettiest to master.  Who doesn’t like a bouquet of roses?
  • Clay pot (I used 8″) or glazed pot as shown above with the white polka dots (both purchased at Michael’s), basket or container to place your cupcakes in.
If you purchase a clay pot you may want to add some spray paint.  I used a high gloss spray in white but any color will do.
  • Ribbon – if you’d like to add some additional color
  • Double-sided tape for adhering the ribbon to the pot
  • Tissue paper – your choice of color.  I chose lime green to look more like grass or leaves or even some netting.
  • Styrofoam – for the 8″ pot and 8″ ball or flat disc.  For the glazed pot I found a 6″ Styrofoam ball that fit nicely into it.  (If the ball is just slightly too small you can wrap it in tissue paper to secure it to the bowl.  I did this with both pots.
  • Toothpicks to secure cupcakes to Styrofoam or 2 ounce shallow plastic cups (for regular size cupcakes and 1 ounce for mini cupcakes) with toothpicks.
Why the plastic cups?  Sometimes you may find it easier to staple the cups together  in a circle to place inside your pot for added security.  Depending on the weight and angle that your cupcakes are inserted into the pot they may seem loose.  In which case, the cupcakes can be placed inside the plastic cups.  If you do this, I recommend having a flat Styrofoam disc and with a toothpick poke through the center of the cups and attach to the Styrofoam.  Then push your cupcake onto the toothpick that’s already attached to the Styrofoam.  Another alternative would be to staple the cups together in the shape that will fit into the pot.
I’m so sorry that I didn’t take step-by-step photos as I did this.  I hope you can understand my explanation.
  • Favorite cupcake recipe or box mix
  • Cupcake liners for regular or mini cupcakes
  • Favorite Buttercream recipe.  I recommend a slightly stiff recipe (one with solid shortening) so the flowers hold up well.
Decorating tips: For simplicity I recommend making a rose bouquet.  It’s the easiest to start with and looks the most beautiful, in my opinion.  You will need:
  • 2D large star tip or 1M for regular size cupcakes
  • 30 for mini cupcakes, can also use the 2D

Bake cupcakes

Make icing adding color of your choice
Place icing in pastry bag fitted with desired size decorating tip
To make roses simply place the decorating tip on the center of your cupcake.  Squeeze gently, then  in a continuous counter clock wise motion start to swirl the icing moving out towards the edge of the cupcake.  When completely covered you should have a rose.
Here is a pictorial demonstration from Wilton on making a rose using the Wilton 1M decorators tip.  The 2D is made by Ateco.

After completely all the cupcakes place into the pot as described above under supplies.

When completed you will have a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Later this week I will post a video on how to make a rose using the 2D decorating tip

This is a fun project that’s not only beautiful but delicious.  I hope you enjoy creating your bouquet and remember if you live in St. Louis I’m happy to come to your home to teach you and/or your children how to make a lovely Cupcake Bouquet!

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  1. It looks fantastic ! I just love the different color of the frosting so as the different design 😀 Very creative !

  2. These are adorable!!

  3. What a fabulous idea…just gorgeous, Vicki! I will try this if I ever master the icing technique…yours look just like roses 🙂

  4. Thank you for the comments. I love doing several colors although one would make a statement as well.

    As for the perfect roses Lizzy, using the 2D or 1M decorators tip is almost fool proof. You just have to start in the center and work your way out in a counter clock wise motion. Trust me, you can do it. Piece of cake!

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  15. All your comments are so nice – thank you. I hope you’ll try making one if not for Mother’s Day then even just for a luncheon or dinner party. They’d be darling sitting on a table as a centerpiece.

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    This does look like a fun project and perfect for mothers day. Picture perfect presentations on both the standard and minis. Have a great weekend!

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