Nobu – Black Cod with Miso

Miso Black Cod

Last week I had the pleasure of joining my husband on a convention in Las Vegas at the Palazzo/Venetian Hotel.  Although we didn’t take in any shows we were able to spend quality time together, enjoy the facilities at The Canyon Ranch Spa in the hotel, and savor the food.  With so many chores and obligations at home sometimes you just need a break and time to regroup, have an uninterrupted conversation, and look into each others eyes.  Do you know what I mean?  After almost 30 years I love him even more than the day we were married, and relish the moments when we escape together.  It was wonderful! 

Of the places we dined during our stay in Vegas we had dinner at Nobu – Nobuyuki Matsuhisa’s restaurant.  The “Nobu-style” cuisine is based on Japanese cooking – fundamentally sushi – but with North and South American influences.  He prides himself on using the freshest and highest quality seafood and ingredients in all his dishes.  He brings out the best in the freshest seafood, and draws out the natural sweetness and textures of vegetables.  He believes fish should always be fresh enough to eat raw.  Shellfish, crustaceans and octopus should always, ideally, be bought when still alive.  Visit Nobu and you’ll see for yourself.  A suberb dining experience!

When we arrived at Nobu our waiter explained the menu, and offered recommendations.  We decided to let our waiter select our menu based upon our preferences.  Of course I’d left my iPhone and camera in our hotel room, so didn’t take any photos, but from our appetizer to 3 desserts, all were sensational.  Our two favorites were the Spicy Miso Lotus Chips with Big Eye Tuna (appetizer) and the hot Black Cod with Miso.

I asked the waiter if he’d share the recipe for the Black Cod and he told me the 4 ingredients used. When we got home I did a bit of research, found the recipe online, and that Nobu had several cookbooks – one had the recipe for Black Cod with Miso  – I purchased it.

This recipe suggests using either Black Cod, Sea Bass,Salmon or beef, I opted for the Black Cod to try and duplicate what we had in Vegas.  Of course the Black Cod I purchased at the seafood market wasn’t as thick as what we had at Nobu, but it was delicious.  However, next time I’ll try it with Sea Bass, a favorite of mine.

This recipe is surprisingly simple to prepare.  It’s slightly sweet and salty taste, keeps you going back for more.  If you’re a lover of fish I hope you’ll try the recipe.

Nobu has locations all over the world.  We had an outstanding dining experience and although our bill came to $350 for the two of us, we both agreed it was well worth it!

Black Cod with Miso



  1. Bring the sake' and mirin to a boil in a medium saucepan over high heat.  Boil for 20 seconds to evaporate the alcohol.
  2. Turn the heat down to low and add the miso paste, mixing with a wooden spoon.  When the miso has dissolved completely, turn the heat up to high again and add the sugar, stirring constantly with the wooden spoon to ensure that the bottom of the pan doesn't burn.  Remove from heat once the sugar is fully dissolved.  Cool to room temperature. (Yields 3 cups)
  3. Pat the fillets thoroughly dry with paper towels.  Slather the fish with  sauce (Nobu-style Saikyo Miso) and place in a nonreactive dish or bowl and cover tightly with plastic wrap.  Leave to steep in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 days  (I only left it on for 3 hours).
  4. Preheat the oven to 400 F degrees.  Preheat a grill or broiler.  Lightly wipe off any excess miso clinging to the fillets but don't rinse it off.  Place the fish on the grill, or in a broiler pan, and grill or broil until the surface of the fish turns brown.  Then bake for 10 to 15 minutes.
  5. Arrange the black cod fillets on individual plates.  Add a few extra drops of the Nobu-style Saikyo Miso to each plate.

Nobu-style Saikyo Miso is what Nobu calls the combination of sake, mirin white miso paste and granulated sugar.

This is a favorite of Robert De Niro's, (restaurant partner), who often eats it with sake' in hand.

Nobu The Cookbook