What to Cook during Covid-19 Quarantine and How to Clean?

Rainbow Pizza with a sweet potato crust, bell peppers, corn, butternut squash, eggplant, and broccoli

We’ve been in lockdown now for close to a month here in St Louis.  For many trying to figure out what to cook day in and day out has become a chore.  So I thought I’d share with you some of the dishes, tips, and tricks I’ve been doing to hopefully give you new ideas to bring to your table.

I don’t know about you but I’ve always washed my hands a lot, but now it’s become an obsession.  At first my hands were getting severely chapped, and now it would appear my hands are accustomed to constant washing.  Have you noticed that as well?

Keeping our counters, handles, doorknobs, and everything else clean is only a challenge because the stores are sold out of the products many of us use.  However, simple household products that you probably already have at home will do the trick, without using any harsh chemicals.  

  • Hydrogen Peroxide is a great cleaner in more ways than one.  You can purchase 2 large bottles for the price of 1 at Sams Club
  • Bleach is another household product that when mixed with water is ideal for sanitizing your home.  For example: If you have a granite countertop here’s a quick solution. Check out this how to link for cleaning everything inside and outside your home. Purchasing a large container of bleach is more cost efficient than anything else.
  • Need to clean the grout on your kitchen or bathroom floor?  Remember this post for cleaning grout?  I saved 100s of dollars from having mine professionally done and it did a better job than when they came out previously.  With the house filled with family and pets during lockdown have everyone chime in to assist.
  • Baking Soda – here’s a list of ways to use baking soda to clean your home.  Here’s one from the Huffington Post as well, and even more tips here.
  • Vinegar – has infinite uses for your household chores. 

So don’t panic that you can’t find your favorite products to clean the house.  Look in your cabinets or pantry, some of the best natural products are right in front of your face.

Some of my favorite dishes I’ve been preparing during this lockdown are:

My Rainbow Veggie Pizza – use fresh or frozen veggies for this.  Have a few leftover veggies you’re afraid will go bad? Place them on top of this healthy pizza.

Rainbow Pizza with a sweet potato crust, bell peppers, corn, butternut squash, eggplant, and broccoli

These Antioxidant Rich Crunchy Chickpeas make a GREAT snack while hanging out.  It will pump you with energy rather than drain you.

Crunchy Chickpeas with warming spices

Tuna Vegetable Salad – is ideal because you can make this ahead and leave covered in the refrigerator for all to enjoy.

Tuna Vegetable Salad

Chicken Meatballs over Butternut Squash Zoodles – a family favorite.  However, if you don’t want to make or purchase the butternut squash then use your favorite pasta and pasta sauce.  The meatballs alone are awesome!

I’ve been picking up salmon from the fish market here in town and this Poached Salmon with Cucumber Ribbons is super simple and clean or maybe you’d prefer this Salmon Nicoise.  

Poached Salmon with Cucumber Ribbons-

Oat Date Energy Bites – super flavorful and healthy.  Even your kids will love these!

Oatmeal, & Dates, Almond Butter, Honey, & Flax Seed Create these Energy Balls

Puff Pastry with Strawberries & Cream – a little bit of healthy and some indulgence.  We can’t be perfect all the time!

Puff Pastry with Strawberries & Cream

I hope you enjoy some of these dishes I’ve shared.  Feel free to sub out canned or frozen for some of these ingredients if you don’t have the fresh on hand.  

What’s most important during this time when we are in isolation, is to eat healthy, exercise and spend quality time with each other laughing.  Laughter is the best medicine after all. At least that’s what I’ve always read.  

These are challenging times but I am confident we will get through this and be better and stronger. 

Take care and Stay well.

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  1. Thanks for the great cleaning tips! My hands are getting so dry and rough from too frequent washing and using of disinfection gel 🙁

    Stay safe, Vicki!

  2. Thanks, Vicki, for all the yummy suggestions! I’ve been baking a lot of bread, and our meals have been simple. Stay well, my friend! xo

  3. All of these look fabulous! I love that rainbow pizza, especially. Glad you’re doing well. It’s not hard for me to stay home at all. And I sure don’t miss doing errands!

  4. Some great cleaning tips! It’s been a challenging time, hasn’t it? But we’re getting through it — hope all is well with you. Thanks!

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