Video: How to Make Microwave Meyer Lemon Curd – Perfect for Rosh Hashanah!

Microwave Meyer Lemon Curd

First I’d like to wish all those celebrating Rosh Hashanah a Happy and Healthy New Year!


For those celebrating on this eve of Rosh Hashanh and for everyone else, this recipe for Microwave Meyer Lemon Curd is the perfect dessert to make, especially when you need something in a hurry. Serve it with pound cake and fresh berries for a nice light, and tasty treat, all will enjoy.  Don’t stop at just dessert though, spread it on muffins or toast for breakfast, over ice cream, or simply eat it with a spoon – it’s that good! 

This microwave Meyer lemon curd is made without butter.  So if you’re celebrating the holiday this evening, it will work perfectly with your dinner, without interfering with any religious dietary restrictions.

Although I posted this recipe once before, below is a video showing you how it’s made.  To print the recipe go to my previous post on How to Make Microwave Lemon Curd.

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  1. I think microwave curds are the best thing since sliced bread! It’s such a pain otherwise and so easy this way. You always do a great job in your videos Vicki!

  2. I am looking at a recipe for a layer cake filled with lemon curd to make for a friend’s mom’s birthday. The curd has gelatin in it for Pete’s sake! I’m going to see if I can make your recipe work. Thanks, Vicki!

  3. Microwave lemon curd, serious? wow..didn’t know it works that way…A great video, Vicki. I must try it soon.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love lemon curd and your method in the microwave is so clever. Thanks for the video!

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