The Italian Hill in St Louis

Today I went down to The Hill as everyone calls it here in St Louis. It’s where all the best Italian Markets and Italian Restaurants are.

I have a culinary class I’m teaching in a couple weeks called Mediterranean Feast and I needed a particular product that I knew Viviano & Sons would have. They not only had the product I was looking for but so many incredible foods.

In addition to getting what I set out for, when my sister (who came along with me) and I arrived, they had just pulled hot out of the oven their heavenly bread. It was sprinkled with sesame seeds, but then sliced and drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil, parsley, pepper and covered with Caccavallo Cheese as they call it. Apparently when I looked it up online it goes by the name Caciocavalla Cheese. This combination is placed in a 400 degree oven and baked until the cheese melts. Oh my goodness, it was to die for!

I’ve never had this cheese before and although sharp, it’s soft and smooth like Fontina and just melts in your mouth. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. If you’ve never experienced this and live in St Louis, then head down to Viviano & Sons. If you don’t live in St Louis then pick up a fresh loaf of Italian Bread, slice it down the middle and follow the instructions above.

In addition, they had these enormous and beautiful bow tie pasta I’d ever seen. For those of you that watched my previous video on “How to Make Pesto & A Caprese Pasta Salad”, this bow tie pasta will put that salad over the top. The bow ties are 2 1/2 inches long uncooked with beautiful, colorful rainbow stripes. I purchased 2 boxes and can’t wait to cook with them.

Although the store isn’t huge, but a nice size, my sister and I spent a good 1 1/2 hours shopping, browsing, sampling and purchasing. Then of course we had to stop at one of the great restaurants across the street on The Hill to grab some lunch outside. The weather was perfect along with the company and the food. It was a fun afternoon!

If you ever have the chance, stop by Viviano & Sons in addition to the other great shops and restaurants on The Hill. It’s a great experience and a fun time.

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