Sushi Class

This past week I had the pleasure of teaching a Sushi Class at the Missouri Botanical Gardens and also for a private event at someones home in Farmington, Mo. Both classes were lots of fun.

The event that I taught in Farmington was a larger private group than what I normally do but everyone had a great time and the group of couples were a riot. They were singing Karaoke, drinking lots of Sake and having fun learning to roll sushi.

They learned four different types of sushi rolls and then enjoyed the fruits of their labor. I should get some pictures of the class posted this week for all to see.

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  1. Congratulations Vick on another successful class!

  2. Wow – the Botanical Gardens! What a pretty place to hold a class 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing the photos.

  3. Our group in Farmington had an absolutely wonderful time with Vickie — she was patient with us as we laughed, drank sake and Kirin beer and tried hard to make our sushi look as good as hers. She took care of everything! She came fully prepared and allowed even those of us who were in charge of the event to enjoy ourselves. We would recommend her any time for a private event!

  4. Thank you Marlene what a nice thing to say. You all were so much fun to teach and a riot to watch singing songs.

  5. Thanks Vicki for a great class in Farmington. We had too many people and were a little rowdy but you took everything in stride. The sushi turned out great and we really learned alot! Carol

  6. It may have been crowded but that added to the fun. Plus I didn’t think you all were rowdy at all. When you have 30 good friends making sushi for the first time and drinking you can’t expect them to be quiet. I thought all of you were great and everyone was so nice. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching all of you the art of making sushi. I only hope that at least 1/2 of you went home and made some for your family and friends. Thanks again.

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