POM Wonderful!

I love POM pomegranate juice. This morning as I was online I saw a blurb about it and decided to open it. In addition to the health benefits that I already knew it had there were some other facts that I didn’t know about it.

If you like pomegranate juice and even if you don’t you might want to read the health benefits. It might just have you running to the store to buy some. Plus check out the recipes.

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  1. I’ll have to try this again, Vicki. I’m not crazy about the taste – it tastes very astringent to me. But the health benefits sure sound good!

  2. I know it also comes with other blends like pom/cherry and I believe pom/grape among others. I personally like it straight up with just pomegranate juice. You might try one of the blends and see if you like that. With its health benefits it’s worth a try.

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