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We all have items in our pantry that we know we couldn’t do without.  Which ones are yours?

When I was contacted to do a taste test of Olive Oils and Olives from Olea Estates based in Sparta, Greece I couldn’t pass it up. Olive Oil is a main staple in my home – I couldn’t be without it and I’m always intrigued to try different varieties. 

Jessica the wife of one of the family members of the Olea Estates lives here in St. Louis.  We met up and she spent time educating & sharing with me the olive oils, olives and soap that Olea Estates, the family business, harvests and prepares for market.   She went over the history and what it takes to carefully harvest and prepare the best Olive Oil – Cold Pressed, in addition to how they select olives and package them for consumers.

The video above is about Olea Estates newest member of their family of olive oil: Olea Gold.

Olea Gold is an Early Harvest Single Variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil, certified organic, with a perfectly balanced complexity: fruity with a slight bitterness and a lingering peppery finish.

Early harvest oil, pressed from olives harvested before they are fully ripe (green), is especially rich in antioxidants and poly-phenols. Cold extracted and unfiltered, this oil features the rich flavor, vivid color, low acidity, low peroxide levels and high phenol content.

I prefer my Olive Oils to have that perfect balance and peppery finish where you can feel it just at the back of your throat.  So perfect, that there’s no need to serve it any other way than straight up. Dip in bread or better yet have 2 – 4 tablespoons daily to keep your heart and body healthy.  Yes that’s right, studies have shown:

  • It helps fight breast cancer
  • It reduces the risk of heart disease
  • It encourages weight loss
  • It helps with digestion

I enjoyed both the Olea Gold and Olea Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.  The Olea Gold is ideal to serve alone whereas the Olea Organic is perfect for an everyday olive oil to use in salad dressings, flavored with herbs and spices, and to cook with. The two have both earned their place on my shelf!

Olea Organic Kalamon (Black) Olives

As for the olives OMG – AMAZING!!!  I’ve always been a fan of olives even as a child.  I use to love to suck the pimento out of the green olives, then after eating that I finished the rest. Did you know that pimentos are simply roasted peppers?  Just a little tidbit not everyone is aware of!

Both the Olea Kalamon Black Olives and Olea Green Cracked (Tsakistes) Olives were extremely flavorful, unique tasting, and delightful on their own. If asked to choose between one or the other I would be hard pressed to choose one, they were both so good!

Olea Green Cracked (Tsakistes) Olives

As a bonus along with the oils and olives, Jessica gave me a bar of their Olea Estates Olive Oil Soap – pure, natural, handmade extra virgin olive oil soap.  It may be summer here and because of the humidity my skin is softer and not dry, but now I can be assured to have silky skin year round.  Not only does my skin feel like a babies now, but it smells delightful, made from extra virgin olive oil, wood ash, and spring water.

Olea Olive Oil 1

I use to help out in an olive oil store and would be surprised when customers would come in to purchase olive oil for their skin and body – straight up!  One women who was in her 80s swore by it. I can tell you first hand, she didn’t look a day over 60.  Let’s face it, the cost of a bottle of olive oil certainly beats even the least expensive skin care line, and it’s all natural! In soap form it not only softens, but cleans your body as well.

I truly loved all the products from Olea Estates that Jessica shared with me, while my family was thrilled to reap the benefits.

When I mentioned to Jessica I would be sharing their products with those that follow my blog, At Home with Vicki Bensinger, she agreed to offer everyone a 10% discount on everything, in addition to the summer sale they are currently running. At checkout be sure to enter OLEAOIL10this code is case sensitive.

Offer expires July 31, 2016.

Plus, free shipping over $40 (U.S. only), & a free 250mL Olea EVOO bottle when $50 or more is spent. 


Olea Estates Olive Oil sale

Be sure to stop back next week when I show you how to make a flavorful herbed oil that you can use with your new purchase from Olea Estates.  You won’t want to miss it!

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  1. I love good olive oil! This sounds terrific — and I rather like the flavor notes of many Greek olive oils. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. What terrific products! Olives were such a treat when we were kids—-they’d always be on our holiday relish trays. Now I’m craving some 🙂

  3. Love good quality olive oil! Those black olives look really great!

  4. There’s no substitute for a great olive oil!

  5. I too love a good olive oil…and all the variety of olives…these sure look great!
    Thanks for the post Vicki…have a wonderful week 🙂

  6. having trouble ordering,, giving me very expensive shipping for 14.95 for two small bottles saying I have chioce of shipping methods but then not giving me a choice not sure how to order

    • Hi Ellen,

      Please try contacting Olea directly for this issue and I’m sure they can answer your question. Feel free to cc me on your email or contact me if you like. They may be having problems with their site.

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