iSi Twist ‘n Sparkle – Great Holiday Gadget!

There are so many great gadgets to use this time of year. As I had mentioned earlier in October I love the Vacuvin which makes a great gift to bring to a hostess but also one you can use as well.

However, my most recent discovery that I absolutely love is the iSi Twist ‘n Sparkle.

Fresh, real, authentic, customized carbonated drinks at the twist of a wrist. The Twist ‘n Sparkle is the newest tool from iSi products, that can carbonate practically any beverage of your choice. Juices, iced teas, cocktails, refreshing coolers, and dessert floats…sparkle up whatever you want!

Add a little effervescence to your life with this innovative direct carbonation system. Fun and easy to use, it adds bubbly carbonation to almost any beverage, creating a sparkling refresher. The Twist & Sparkle is exceptionally versatile – try it with everything from lemonade to margaritas.

•Easy-to-use charger adds festive fizz to almost any drink.
•Works with a wide variety of beverages – from lemonade and no-pulp fruit juices to your favorite cocktails and iced coffee drinks.
•Just fill the bottle with your favorite chilled beverage, then insert the sparkling wand and twist to carbonate.

The Twist and Sparkle is available exclusively at Williams Sonoma. Check out this video on how to use and purchase one. Plus check out these sparkling recipes. This is a favorite recipe of mine for adults and this is a fun recipe for the kids, both that I’m definitely going to be sure to create for the holidays.

I think the pomegranate martini is so festive plus try adding some pomegranate seeds to the glass and you’ve got a a great sparkling holiday beverage!

I don’t know about you but at just under $50 it’s a great gift and fun gadget you’ll want to have for yourself and give as a gift. I love mine so much I’ve already purchased a couple to give for the holidays.

What are you waiting for? Get the Twist ‘n Sparkle today before they’re sold out!

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