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Unless you’ve seen these directions side by side you might just gloss over the phrase without thinking what it actually means.

One cup rice, cooked (comes out to about 2 2/3 cups of rice)

One cup cooked rice (comes out to 1 cup rice)

Of course now that you see it you can probably distinquish just what it means but if not paying attention it could make a huge difference in your recipe. 

One cup cooked rice, simply means after the rice has been cooked measure out a cup.  You do this in a dry measure for complete accuracy.  However, for the purpose of showing this in a photo I used my liquid measuring cup that’s transparent.

One cup rice, cooked means to measure 1 cup of dry rice, then cook it.  This measurement comes out to be 1 2/3 cups more than a cup of cooked rice.

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