CONTEST – Cut Resistant Glove

The holidays are coming and many of us will be cooking for family and friends. Sometimes we’ll be rushing around the kitchen trying to multi-task and while we might be grating our carrots or potatoes we accidentally grate our fingers. However, some of us are just plain clumsy in the kitchen.

If I’ve described you then you’re in luck. Microplane has come out with a new product on the market that might just be for you and I’ll be giving away one of these finger saving gloves to one lucky person. To find out more read below!

It’s the Microplane® Cut Resistant Glove that allows for safer food preparation with its uniquely constructed, machine washable, light weight and comfortable design. Made from man-made fibers, the “one size fits most” glove molds quickly to fit either hand.

They recommend that you use this glove for all your food preparation requiring sharp tools. Keep in mind that you still have to avoid the sharp edges just like you would if you weren’t wearing it. The benefit comes in the case of accidental contact with a sharp edge. It may still damage the glove, just not your hand.

The Microplane Cut Resistant Glove sells for $24.95.

So no need to panic that the holidays are coming for fear your hands will take a beating. Check out The Microplane Resistant Glove today and feel free to get that manicure before your guests arrive.

If you’d like to win one of these gloves please share with me your worst kitchen disaster and tell me why you should be the proud winner of The Microplane Cut Resistant Glove. Besides winning you’ll have one just in time for the holidays! So what are you waiting for?
Contest ends Monday, October 19th, 2009.

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  1. My worst disaster was asking my children, 16 and 13 at the time, to watch the broccoli steaming on the stove. I was running out to a PTA meeting and the rest of the meal was ready on the table for them, just waiting for the broccoli.

    Well, they forgot about the broccoli. My husband came home an hour later, smelled burning and saw the broccoli. The water had long since evaporated and the aluminum actually melted off the bottom of the pan! It was fortunate that we only lost a pot and nothing more. I saved the aluminum and it makes an interesting piece in the bookcase, LOL.

    So my lesson learned is set a timer when something needs to be watched!

  2. Thank goodness the house didn’t burn down. You were lucky!

  3. I’m not entering the contest but my worst disaster was actually when I was in college. I was making a crabmeat quiche and the batter in the quiche pan boiled over. I didn’t have a drip pan under it and I remember looking in the oven and seeing this huge fire.

    Fortunately I knew not to throw water on it so I threw flour on the flames and put it out.

    My quiche survived the fire since it was below on the surface of the oven but did I ever learn my lesson. From then on I always make sure I have something under my baking pans. Thank goodness I didn’t set the apartment on fire.

  4. My worst disaster was just before Thanksgiving. I was cooking fries on the stove, when the phone rang. It was my friend, who had just found the PS3, which if you remember were nowhere to be found this time of the year two years ago, I removed all the fries, forgetting to turn off the grease and came up stairs to check something on the compute for him, by the time I hung up and went back downstairs, my stove was on fire! without going into gory details, I was able to put the fire out, but I lost stove, some cabinets, curtains and had total smoke damage in my entire kitchen, two weeks before Thanksgiving!! Lesson learned…don’t cook fries on the stove anymore…for me that is.

    I think I deserve to win the gloves because I have a full set of Cutco knives that are terribly sharp…another story…a week after I got my knives, laid one of the steak knives to close to the edge of the counter, it fell off and sliced my big toe!! I lie to you not, I thought it would never stop bleeding, and it hurt for more than a week…in summary I’m a clutz in the kitchen, I need any help I can get!

  5. Dee that is quite the story. I’m sure looking back on it now you can laugh but at the time, wow! You’re house could have burned down and worse yet it you hadn’t gone downstairs when you did you could have been stuck upstairs with your house in flames. I’m sure your son was thrilled though that he got a PlayStation3.

    As for your toe, I’m glad you didn’t lose it. Maybe MicroPlane should think about making these gloves for the feet as well. Only Kidding!

    The most important part is that you’re fine and no one got hurt. Lessons learned for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have had many kitchen diasters, but My most recent “disaster” was last Thanksgiving. I was at my daughter’s new home in Utah and I was in charge of the turkey. I had recently read an article on how if you soak your turkey in salt water (brine) that it would be moist and juicy. Yuk! it was very salty, and in my opinion, not edible. Everyone was very nice and ate it anyway. I can be a Klutz in the kitchen at times, and would love the gloves to save my knuckles. 🙂

    Thanks for all the wonderful recipes, Vicki.

  7. Sorry to hear about the turkey. Did you make sure that after taking the turkey out of the brining liquid that you rinsed it thoroughly inside and out to be sure there were no traces of the brine left on the turkey? Then you need to discard any brine and cook your turkey as normal.

    Too bad it was so salty. However if everyone ate the turkey then it must not have been too horrible.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  8. Without a doubt my worst kitchen disaster occurred when trying to impress my date. We were grilling lobster in his fireplace and it was almost ready. So to speed up the lemon butter, I put a chunk of butter in a small Pyrex glass and into the microwave. The butter was melted and since there was no lemon, I squirted the concentrate from a cold plastic lemon into the glass. The whole thing exploded with glass and lemon butter icycles everywhere…on the ceiling, kitchen cabinets, my hair, glasses and down the front of me. Did I mention I was wearing my favorite dressy black jumpsuit (early 1980’s)? I was screaming because of the explosion and because I couldn’t see. Being barefoot, I stepped on glass with what appeared to be a huge sliver going into my big toe. So now there was blood everywhere. Of course, he ran in to see what had happened. Unfortunately my date was a very anal clean-freak, who after bandaging up my toe, blamed me for staining the grout of his quarry tile. Still reminds me of it to this day…but we’re just friends.

  9. Oh my goodness. That’s incredible that the Pyrex dish exploded. You’re lucky it didn’t get in your eyes. Definitely a lesson learned. Never to put anything cold in an already hot Pyrex dish. Too bad about the floor but at least your toe healed and the only thing damaged was the floor and not you.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

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