Confidence in the Kitchen

I have many clients tell me they can’t cook and then surprisingly after one of my in-home culinary classes they’re amazed at what a great job they did. Not to mention how wonderful the meal they prepared tasted.

We all have things we don’t excel at but if you have the desire to learn you can and will succeed. Cooking is a skill that in my opinion can easily be mastered. It just takes time and the willingness to read your recipes thoroughly before starting.

If you’re one of those people out there that has a fear of the kitchen, or are embarrassed to have company over for dinner because you feel you lack the skill to prepare something worthy of company, please give me a call. I promise I won’t leave your kitchen until you feel completely confident that you can reproduce what you’ve learned.

Everyone has to start someplace. Now is as good a time as any, especially with the holidays just around the corner. However it’s also a great time to think about those holiday gifts. So if you know someone that might enjoy or benefit from a private in-home culinary class or if you’d like to host a culinary party for the holidays please contact me.

I’ve spent many years in the kitchen playing around and testing out different foods to see how they work together. One of my creations that I love this time of year is my Caramel Apple Cheesecake that I recently entered in a cooking contest. Hopefully I’ll win a prize. If not, it was still fun practicing and entering. I’ve posted the photo above.

To me cooking is like a hobby. I have fun playing in the kitchen and creating my own masterpieces. You too can have that same fun in your kitchen and be a confident cook.

For more information about my in-home culinary classes or to request a brochure please contact me at:

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  1. Caramel Apple Cheesecake! Yum! Can’t think of a better combo (unless we’re adding chocolate!)

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