Chipotle Molasses BBQ Sauce

Yesterday I taught a Gourmet Pizza Class and everyone had a great time. One of the pizza’s that we made was a BBQ Chicken Pizza. Of all the BBQ sauces out there that I could have used I found that Steven Raichlen’s Chipotle Molasses BBQ Sauce was incredible on this pizza.

After preparing it the students couldn’t believe how sensational it tasted. I can tell you that the flavor of this sauce is wonderful. As Steven Raichlen describes it, it’s a suave smoky barbecue sauce spiked with sambuca and stung with chipotle chilies.

I know some of you may be thinking oh no, not chipotle’s they’re too hot! But, actually it wasn’t spicy or hot at all, but rather smooth tasting and positively wonderful on the pizza.

In fact, after eating the pizza for lunch I decided to make some salmon for dinner last night. With some of the leftover BBQ sauce I BBQ’d my salmon and just before it was done I slathered some of the Chipotle Molasses BBQ Sauce on top. It tasted outstanding and of course with the little leftovers that I had, I just had it cold for lunch. I actually liked it even better cold the next day.

So if you’re wondering how to find Steven Raichlin’s Chipotle Molasses BBQ Sauce you can get it at SurLaTable or google it. It was well worth the purchase.

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  1. How do I send you a picture of my barbecued chicken Pizza? I had not thought about that,

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